Uganda 2014

Our next ministry trip is back to Uganda. With invitations to about 20 districts this will be our longest overseas ministry time yet.

As per usual I (Cyndy) will be travelling from Canada to Entebbe, Uganda beginning ministry within hours of landing.

Moving from church to church, from host to host, I partner alongside ministries already in place bringing God’s touch however He chooses to move through me.



Every church body has its own unique needs and readiness for what the Lord has and therefore each location will receive a slightly different ministry.

While Capturing Courage International brings Spiritual Transformation, Discipleship Training, and Leadership Development, this plays out in various fashions.

We cannot say what the exact impact of this time in Uganda will be but we can tell you what our past ministry trips have resulted in.

Past Results:

  • entire congregations laying down shame at the foot of the cross
  • pastors attending leadership development workshops and seminars
  • churches being taken to the next level in their walk with the Lord
  • impartation of anointing over those who serve as translator for Cyndy
  • inner healing of lies and wounds to leaders
  • teaching in healing prayer and deliverance ministries
  • teaching regarding full freedom of women as requested in various places
  • challenging men and churches to look to the care of their women
  • some physical healing (in places where the Holy Spirit was most honoured)
  • men becoming intent on treating their women with respect
  • deep conversations with leaders about polygamy and the church
  • healing touch of the Holy Spirit freeing people to new lives
  • leading children to the Lord, “You are not too young to walk with God”
  • praying over, blessing and honouring the elderly
  • restoration of hope in the hearts of entire congregations

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We bring:

  • inner healing and deliverance
  • ministry of presence
  • spiritual transformation
  • prophetic teaching
  • Bible teaching
  • repentance and freedom

The impact is:

  • simple encouragement
  • new understanding of God’s love
  • touch of God to the core of hearts
  • freedom from spiritual and generational strongholds

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1. We are looking for those who will partner with us in various ways: 

One of the things we love to do is gather a few of us together over a pot-luck meal and share the stories and pictures of our previous times in Uganda and Mozambique. We also talk about what God is doing in India and Pakistan, in Kenya and other countries where our materials are being used.

While we’ve been having these small dinners at one host home we are looking for others willing to open their home for an evening of fellowship, food and stories about God through Capturing Courage International. These evenings are always an immense blessing and encouragement to each who attends.

If you live in the greater Vancouver area would you consider opening your home to a fellowship of 6-8 people around a pot-luck meal with stories and pictures to follow? 

2. We are looking for those who will stand alongside us in prayer:

The work of CCI is completely and 100% that of the Lords and so it is through prayer that we discern all things and move forward in Him. You may or may not tell us that you are praying, in many ways this is between you and the Lord and yet if you want to know more about the work of CCI then we suggest that you follow this website, follow our Facebook page, check out our newsletters, and attend one of our story and picture evenings.

Contact us to receive our newsletters or to request a story and picture invite

3. We are looking for those able to financially invest in this work: 

Because of the length of this next trip to Uganda (2-3 months) we are ensuring that the total budget is raised prior to going. The financial need for this trip is $10,000 and we need your help to achieve this goal.

You can donate a one-time gift to this particular trip, or consider becoming a regular monthly supporter which enables us to commit to trips down the road. We’ve many invites to many places, each week receiving reminders of their waiting on us in Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Ghana, and Mozambique.

There is no gift too small as all support and partnership in this way simply blesses our hearts and results in great impact as we engage in new levels with those we serve.

You can donate here – this page will give you the particulars. 

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We look forward to what the Lord has through all of us in Uganda this year. Many blessings and may the peace of our Lord be over your own life.

because of Jesus, Cyndy

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