It is the Lord who has called this work out of me.  Decades ago God began giving me glimpses of what was to come, his heart and impact through my words, spoken, written, and in prayers, around the world.  I dedicate this work to the glory of God on this earth and in the lives of many people.

Additionally, without others calling this work out of me, I would not have even begun writing it. I say a hearty amen and thank-you to the pastors and lay-leaders who continued to request an official course by which they could learn what they had experienced as we ministered alongside each other.

To those who first invited and hosted me, welcoming and inviting the content I was bringing, to Geoffrey and Benah, Pastor Kakuba and Scholastic, Maama Bosa, Edith, to Lawben, Patrick, Evangelist Innocent, Pastor Irene, to John and Pastor Elizabeth, Pastor Michael, Pastor Edison, to Pastor Steven, and Pastor Alex, thank you for your grand welcomes, both personally and for the content I was bringing.

To those who continued to invite and to use the early versions of this work, to Lawben and to Pastor Evans, to Prophetess Ruth and Beatrice, to the three Pastor Charles’, to Moses and Kirabo, Esther and Paul and Samuel, Dr. Alex, Whiskey and Pastor Daniel, to Pastor Michael, Pastor Charagh and Pastor Shahid, thank you for partaking of these materials in their early stages, for acknowledging and using and inviting more and then more again of what the Lord has been putting together.

To those who have hosted me in their homes, who have shared the context of their ministry, who have fed me and shared your pulpits with me, thank you.  I have been most blessed and learned many things as I came to know your hearts and the gifting and callings of the Lord through each of you.

And to the many others who have been using and taking to heart and life the words within these pages, too many to name and too many I do not personally know, but the Lord has connected us in spirit and through his heart and we are grateful, thank you.

Then, to those who have been on home-team over the years in various ways, to Maureen, Diane, Lorna, Michelle, Crystal, Jody, Carol, Lynn, Jo-Ann, Dustan, Pam, and John, thank you for your help along the way, for wisdoms and encouragements at just the right times, for tasks taken on, and for you presence that has spurred me on — may the peace and favour of the Lord be upon your lives.

Most importantly, to my parents, Art and Lyla-Jean Coombes.  This work would not have been completed without your patronage and care of me during the heavy long years of writing.  I can never repay your generosity and can only hope to emulate your hearts unto this work and myself, and ultimately the Lord.  May your reward be great in this life and in the life to come.

Finally, and with great love, to my children, Alexis, Justin, Zachary, Danielle, and Rebecca, who have probably never understood the full reason why their mom was distracted and in her head more than any of us wanted.  The Lord has assured me over the years that this work is a legacy to each of you and so I pray the glory and peace and joy of the Lord upon each of your lives and families and family to come.

With all my blessings, Cyndy