Application to Host

Due to very many places and people within certain countries and regions to which we are invited and welcomed back, we are establishing a rhythm of yearly applications to host Cyndy Lavoie and Capturing Courage International Ministries.

We simply cannot go everywhere we are welcomed. For instance, within the country of Uganda we have ministered in some 40 Districts and alongside some 60 ministries. Many of these invite us back every year. Due to our other international responsibilities we are determining to come to each region of Uganda, to one gathering, once per year.

Meaning, Cyndy will come for ONE, 3-day conference in the North. ONE, 3-day conference in Central. One, 3-day conference in the East. ONE, 3-day conference in the West. And ONE, 3-day conference in the city of Kampala.

Application to Host is particularly for your invites from Uganda, Kenya, Pakistan, and India.

But it can be used by anyone of course, from any of our other current inviting countries. Namely, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nepal, Thailand, Malawi, and Zambia.

This page is for those interested in hosting Capturing Courage International Ministries and Cyndy Lavoie in their region.

NOTE: Please take the time to peruse our website and the links on this page, before you fill out the form below. Your application may be more successful if you are clear about what we at Capturing Courage are bringing when we come to a place.

We are looking for:

  1. Those with similar heart and mind in terms of discipling the body of Christ and of raising up leaders.
  2. Those who love to learn and are ready to take the word of God seriously in both understanding and application.
  3. Those humble of heart and manner, able to host Capturing Courage with simplicity, not exaggerating the welcome.
  4. Those who are the decision makers, able to work with other decision makers in their community to host CCIM in collaboration with each other.
  5. Those who understand that CCIM brings no money to these gatherings. Those able to carry the cost of a 3-day conference.
  6. Those happy to receive from us the teachings that God has entrusted to us and that we are glad to pass on to others.

In order to help us determine who is to host Capturing Courage International Ministries please fill out the following Application to Host.

Note: For those inviting us within the countries of Uganda, Kenya, Pakistan, or India, we are establishing a process by which we come to one ministry or church in each region (where we have invites). This extended Application to Host will help us determine where the Lord may have us year by year.

Note: The process of sorting through these invitations are done once per year. This sorting process is done over the course of a number of months. Please be patient as we look at the invites that have come in, holding them carefully before the Lord, for God’s specific instruction of where and when to be in 2020 and in 2021.

Thank You So Much for your hearts alongside our own and the opportunity to be in context of your own work and heart and ministry.

Together we bless the Lord mightily.

Much Peace, Cyndy Lavoie, Executive Director, Capturing Courage International Ministries.