Capturing Courage Values

We hold to the following commitments:

1. Led by the Spirit

  • not according to the programs of men

Capturing Courage moves according to the direction of the Spirit of God. We wait on the timing of God and make plans in accord with the Holy Spirit. We are nimble, able to move slowly yet ready to ‘go’ at any given moment as the Lord leads.

* We make plans only AFTER God has impressed on us where to go and when.

2. Simplicity

  • leaving no physical evidence

Capturing Courage leaves little physical evidence of our ministry except the changed hearts and lives of those we have touched. We simply bring ourselves, a ministry of presence, and the touch of Jesus Christ as He chooses toflow from us.

* Our priority is your heart before God. We do not participate in any projects planning or fundraising.

3. Sustainability

  • across communities and years

Capturing Courage comes alongside work that is already either on the ground, or that an infrastructure of prayer and integrity has already made possible. We do not bring or create anything that cannot be sustained without our presence.

* We spend money very carefully as there are many places to which we are called to minister.

4. Fellowship

  • alongside the people

At Capturing Courage we are intent on being with people. Not holding ourselves apart, we simply enter towns and communities, staying with whomever will keep us, ministering & in fellowship alongside leaders and in visions already in place.

* We come with no agenda. Please have no agenda for us. We simply wait on the Lord’s touch together.

5. Resting in the Manna 

  • we rest in the manna.

We do not need, nor do we spend, large amounts of money for this work. The overhead is relatively low ensuring nimbleness in the Spirit, a simplicity of obedience, with sustainability over many years to many places as we are hosted in the fellowship of the body of Christ.

* We do of course need money for the ‘going; but we do not need money for structures, for programs or for aid projects. We are a teaching and training movement for the development of the inner person and therefore our expenses are relatively low, with the ratio of impact to dollars very high.