Greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen. We are very grateful for the teaching; it was so wonderful and a blessing to our pastors. Because when we met such teaching and when I passed through the manual we found that it is good for our life. Before there was quarrelling amongst the leaders, division, discouragement no hope, but now we have hope and healing in our lives. Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:26 – 39. May GOD bless you. We request you to to come back again. I look forward to hear from you. Thanks, James

Wow! What a wonderful and great day I had today by meeting Cyndy! I am spiritually blessed and my hope is revived. I like and admire how Cyndy presents the gospel! I thank God that I am connected to this ministry. After the meeting, my team remained mouth open on the message and they are happy for listening to Cyndy and they say, ‘She is the right person to work with’. Thanks for your prayers to our ministry. Blessings to you.” Pastor David, Kenya

“Dear Sister I heard the word of God when you were in India in state of Telangana, Really I am blessed by that message: topic —  Revival ,   1.   Hungry  for God,   2.  Repentance,  3.  Break Religious Strongholds. My life was totally  changed — I am blessed and doing the Gods work with fire of Revival.” Pastor Elisha, India

“Already we distributed Capturing God’s Heart studies to a minimum of 1000 church pastors and evangelists Christian leaders and bishops. 100′s of people they are reading and understanding and they are asking me for some more Capturing God’s Heart studies for distribution to many people; it is very needful to every church and everyone.

Many people are benefiting from the Capturing God’s Heart studies I am hearing from them some words they are telling with me, “We are healing and understanding, comforting, filled with holy spirit, Praise the Lord!”

My sister, your Capturing God’s Heart studies are really touching to the hearts of pastors and evangelists and every one in India.” from Pastor Timothy in Andrha Pradesh, India

“Let me tell you that i appreciate every thing your doing for the work of God, i saw your message about evangelism it is really teaching me a lot of things and i have shared it with my friends and in my youth groups where i go to meet them and i see that they are really helped.we really say thank you for that heart of God.” from Praise Lawben, a young school director in Uganda

“I’ve received God’s heart and I read it. Surely they will be useful in our church as we are young beginners in raising a church.” from a pastoral couple in India


“Hello Cyndy, I am so grateful for this good initiative. I work with women and I am always out teaching about human rights and development projects so through this I get time to share Capturing God’s Heart studies. The women I share with are of different groups but almost 12 groups of 15 members each. GOD has his ways of reaching out to people, I know you are helping us reach out to many other people. Honestly i will start with volume 12 I can’t help it. thanks aloooooooot. GOD bless you more to inspire us as he wishes. thank you so much for your love for the world, this is like a daily bread for me, we are blessed.” from Annet Kigere a Social Worker in Uganda

“Dear sister i saw your greetings, i studied also sent some friends. they saw with good interest. we are praying for you.” from a pastor in India

“I am glad God has put me in the right hands of Cyndy Lavoie, a true messenger of God, a true believer in the building of the body of our Lord Jesus of Nazareth. I am pleased you recognize my letter and plans to equip me in the Discipleship Walk in Spiritual Authority.” Joshua Opiyo

It is a very interesting sermon and touching,what remains is the the way to live by it. I am very grateful. May God’s grace give you all the wisdom you need as you take us through the living word. I am happy that the word of God gives me strength. True freedom is essential and profound. Your teaching is indeed reawakening.”  from a reporter in Uganda

“Cyndy, thank you you so much for the word COMPASSION. Am blessed, I have understood what it means, my heart has not remained the same. May the good Lord continue to use you.” from Mildred, a nurse in Uganda

“Dear sister I want to thank you for your messages you are sending to me through the email. They are powerful messages that contain the life of God in them to change one’s life and to open one’s eyes to begin operating in the climate of revelations. Once I receive them, I download and distribute them to my church members and friends. Till now, I and church members distributed capturing god’s heart studies 1456 to church  reverends and presidents, c.s.i. deanery chairmans evangelists, roman catholic catagest’s pastor’s and  many people they are reading and understanding the love of god and many local and non local persons and non local churches director’s are asked me to distribute the god’s heart studies. We are using, understanding, very gracious and very comforted with holy ghost. thank you dear lord jesus. your god’s heart studies to take every person will go to heaven. many person’s are asking me, we  want her, we want to see her, can we  show her at once in my life.” from Pastor Ravibabu in India

“Greetings, Today we have shared Volume 3, FORGIVENESS. Really God has touched people’s hearts!” from Pastor Kakuba in Uganda

“Dear Cyndy, I am much blessed because of God’s grace and love that enabled me to connect to you so that I may have access to your teachings. I am a church planter in the rural villages and the slums of Kenya. I reach many areas of my nations working with different churches in the rural villages. However our major problem had been lack of discipleship material.

Having gone through your material I was very much happy since they are addressing all areas of ministry. This is when I began using them in my church. I then introduced them to the Pastors working in my ministry. Since the beginning of 2013 we adopted Capturing God’s Heart studies as discipleship training material and our teams like them so much.

Presently over 4000 people are being taught or benefiting from Capturing God’s Heart every week in the rural villages. Over 60 churches from different denominations in western Kenya, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Central and Nairobi are using Capturing God’s Heart Studies.”  from Bishop Michael – Kenya

I AM DISTRIBUTING God’s Heart Material is burning In each every heart, every heart is looking for your kind trip of India, Right now doors have opened in India. Please come touch more lives!! I’m looking to God for His glory to fall!”     your brother-in-christ, Pastor.A.Ravibabu, India.

“I was excited to go through your web link and for me it is a powerful information of teaching material. After seeing this material the holy spirit has asked me to ask you to come to India and teach our pastors working the remote places. If the Lord willing I will be glad to organize 125 pastors come and attend the meeting at a stretch for few days. Please pray and ask the Lord to show favor on this need. One more thing, please include me in your mailing list so that I will be receiving your teaching materials on every months which I hope to teach in our Bible college. Indian Institute of theology and mission http://www.iitmissions.org Thank you for your prayers. Looking forward to see you in India.” Yours in his service, Rev Dr Alex Korulla.

“As 2013 ends, I know Cyndy Lavoie have not only registered success in every project she has done but also brought the people closer to their creator. Thank you my sister for the constant and continued spiritual teachings that have remained in the homes and hearts of the people who cared to read and listen. On my part, your work has provided me with meaningful guidance and maturity in every decision I made in the year ending, despite of the economic challenges. I vow to keep the same spirit in your indulgence even in the 2014.” KIGOZI ALEX NJALERUMA – Uganda