Executive Assistant – Danielle Chandler

For as long as Danielle can recall she knew there was something bigger then herself.

She remembers a time at summer camp where she sat on a wooden bench in the woods to watch a play. The lead character was a wise old owl. He told stories about King Solomon and his great wisdom. Like many times before, something ignited within Danielle and she knew she wanted to be like King Solomon and asked God for the gift of wisdom. She always had a way of connecting with her heart and the Spirit of God. From a young age Danielle recollects having a passion to share God’s love with everyone she met as well as the nations of the world.

After graduating high school she went to University for Art and attended Cromwell Christian School of Ministry. Through a conversation with a friend at University Danielle was convinced she was going to be a missionary. God laid on her heart an idea of how to impact the nations with His love and equip them with the tools they would need to not only live from the inside out but to also help further develop their region for long term transformation.

After graduating University she had an opportunity to go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic where she taught women how to sew. Upon her return she was given an opportunity to partner with a developing ministry in Pennsylvania. While there she participated in outreach, and internal development gaining deeper understanding about inner healing and how to manage an organization. In 2009, she moved to California to assist in the building of a new Christian program, which helped rescue girls from human trafficking. Danielle felt lead by the Lord to become further equipped by attending Bethel School of Discipleship on the coast of Northern California.

While there she met her husband Daniel and moved to Ontario, Canada. Daniel and Danielle became the Jr. High leaders of their church and continued their ministry through music and the arts where they now reside in British Columbia. Since their move Danielle has been involved in developing and implementing new curriculum for women and youth who have been in need of assistance with inner healing for mental health, and recovery from addictions.

Danielle has recently enrolled to become a Pastoral Counsellor. It is her passion is to bring awareness about the tangible presence of God in humanity’s daily lives, that grace changed everything, and that God is FULL of Joy! She lives to inspire God encounters through wholeness in inner healing and revelation. Her life verses are Isaiah 61, and Esther 4:14.

Danielle’s long-term dream is to create wholeness centres for intentional community, inner development, retreats, healing and experiences with God.

We are delighted to have Danielle tucked into the work of Capturing Courage International Ministries. She is positioned to represent CCIM to North American Faith gatherings, Bible schools, Church leadership teams, and Missional communities.

Due to our vast overseas network we have immediate missional opportunities, intern opportunities, and mutuality in missions case studies; all this for education, exposure, collaborations, and missional priorities in conjunction with others.

Danielle is helping to connect the dots between what we do overseas and what we can offer here at home, to bless the body of Christ.