“I went on a 3-month trip to Uganda with Cyndy several years ago and saw first-hand the effectiveness of Cyndy’s work in discipling pastors while avoiding some of the pitfalls that often happen in cross-cultural ministries.  After the trip I spent some time studying in a master’s program at a seminary. And reflecting back on Cyndy’s ministry, I deeply affirm and cherish her work. In particular, one of her core values, which she has termed as “coming on the inside”, fosters a mutually reciprocated relationship instead of an imbalanced power relationship.  And her teachings are theological and contextual to the local cultures, bringing about transformation in the heart and mind of the listeners.  I’ve continued to be inspired by Cyndy’s wisdom, her openness to the Spirit, and her love for people. Hence, I continue to support Cyndy in prayer and finances.”  Nelson

We are facilitating personal and church renewal as a gift to pastors around the world. 

From one of our students: “I was challenged by the lesson of WE STAND IN THE GAP specifically on CH. 57 Chasm.  I was not sure that when Jesus died on the cross and conquered death he entered into hell and took on our sins and our darkness. Until when I studied this chapter 57 Chasm, I now come to know more about this which was a great challenge to me. I had to go through it several times before I teach it to my students. I now know that we must enter into our own chasm with the Lord, personally and authentically finding Jesus for ourselves. And that we (too) stand in the gap to restore God’s kingdom on earth as in Exo. 23:1-9; Heb. 13:3; 1Tim.2:1-2.” Bishop E. 

From another student: “My testimony: When my father chest (chased) me out of his home while I was 11-years old, I knew that was the end of my life. But now through module one, I learn that after when God called me, all these evil agreements were cleansed and now am free walking in the freedom of God. Am now teaching my father through this same course of (CCIM) module one and one day he bursted with tears in amidst while teaching the lesson about  “AGREEMENT”  though I didn’t asked him what was going on inside him. But after when I finished my teachings he stood in the class and said “I am untied now” and feeling peace at heart. I personally have seen my life, home and ministry changing, though I can not share all here. I bless you Dr Cyndy for spiritually accepting the lord to use you and write this tremendous message to the world, its really a great encouragement, and I know it will remain a profound fundamental tool in the body of Christ for edification of the entire Church.” Yours a servant in Christ, Pastor F.

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