Cynthia 2
“Cyndy is an amazing leader, powerful speaker and change agent making a difference in the world. She has a passion for renewal and for creating hope in the lives of people all over the world. I highly recommend her, knowing she fosters amazing change in people’s lives. I am happy to call her colleague and friend.”

Tony Husted, PPAC,  Awyken Coaching

“Cyndy is one of the most authentic and powerful people I know. She has a way of creating a safe space for people to be themselves without judgement. Every time I’ve worked with her or interacted I’ve had the experience of coming away empowered and encouraged. She has learned how to take her life’s difficulties and experiences and use them for others’ good. She remains an example to me of how to leverage your life -no matter what happens to you. Her commitment to learning and growing inspire me to be my best and to reach further than I usually would! If you are considering working with her -do yourself a big favour and DON’T WAIT!”

George Watson, CBC, Business Coach Divisional Manager

“Cyndy is an incredible contributor to  her clients. Like all the great superstars she makes people around her play better. She helps people get ‘unstuck’ from what is holding them back; she is direct and insightful; she warmly serves people depending on her. She is experienced in dealing with both people and problems – and knows how to distinguish between the two. I highly recommend her.”

Jamie MacDonald, Owner, Maximum Impact Training & Development

“Cyndy is amazingly gifted on many fronts, prayer, discernment and helping others see where God is working in their lives. She is a great leader and coach and has become a trusted confidante in my life. Her level of integrity and honesty are truly refreshing, I couldn’t recommend Cyndy strongly enough.”

Drago Adam, Adam Ad Group

“Dear Sister Cyndy, I greet you in the name of the living God. I thank God for your services in Uganda and Africa at large. The time we were with you was a blessing to us and me in particular. I experienced a fantastic spiritual exposure when I served with you as your interpreter. I really tapped your anointing. I pray that next time when you come over, I do the same. I would like to inform you that the seeds you sowed have germinated and are being watered by the Holy Spirit. We are earnestly waiting for you to come back and harvest the yields.”

Pastor Michael Kalende, Uganda

“As we have discussed earlier you and I need to work together to take these messages to the people who are working in the remote areas in India. If we don’t take these lessons it will be injustice to the word of God, because your teachings are anointed words.”

Rev. Dr. Alex Korulla, Chancellor of Indian Institute of Theology & Mission