Poverty Strongholds

Poverty Strongholds 2As a work roughly sketched out but already standing on its own, our series about poverty strongholds is garnering some attention and so we highlight and pass them on here.

Each of the posts, while long for a blog post, still seems to be just an overview and barely scratching the surface. This topic and series has literally taken on a life of it’s own and so we are interested to see how it progresses and how the Lord continues to use it.

Unlike most of our web pages, we are putting the comments section at the bottom, and so as you peruse the material we are interested in your feedback of the specific things you are taking hold of and how these principles might be impacting your life. Also, use the sharing buttons at the bottom to pass this conversation on to others.

NOTE: We realize that we are not addressing pervasive injustice, corruption or world-wide systems that perpetuate and lock poverty into place for many nations worldwide. We understand that poverty is much more complex than what any one or two of us can do about it. Yet, within that context, our purpose is to empower the thinking of those caught by poverty and to point to practical shifts that would make a difference in their day to day lives, and that would lessen the ‘voice’ of poverty over their realities.

Here are the individual posts listed and linked below. For a complete pdf copy of all the work CLICK HERE


Poverty Stronghold Part One

The Authority by Which I Speak

Poor Stewardship

Lack of Knowledge

Mind Sets (faulty thinking)

Lack of Holiness

Agreements With the Enemy 

Bad Theology 

Blaming & Excuses

The Demonic Factor 

Pain Upon Pain

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