Resources for Download

We are in process of providing various resources for free download as requests and needs arise.

Come back from time to time to see what is added to this page and use any of the following for your own benefit.

1. What to Expect From Us

A five-page summary explaining how Capturing Courage does ministry and the specific impact we bring to pastors and congregations. If you have invited us to your church download this summary to understand what to expect from Cyndy and Capturing Courage Int’l.

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2. Healing Prayer

At Capturing Courage we use a prayer process that facilitates healing and freedom. We have summarized this process into a six-page set of Biblical foundations and principles for healing prayer.

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3. Capturing God’s Heart – Volumes 1-10

A compilation of our first ten topical Bible studies made available to pastors around the world. This compilation includes the topics: Anointed, Faithfulness, Forgiveness, Compassion, Leadership, Freedom, Redemption, Promotion, Servants, Difficulty.

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4. Capturing God’s Heart – Volumes 11-20

These next ten God’s Heart volumes include the topics: Overwhelmed, Women, Trusting with Little, Relationship, Faith, Grown Up, Prophetic Lives, Life, The Great Expectation, Our Journey.

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5. Capturing God’s Heart – Volumes 21-30

The next ten volumes include the topics: Scandalous Love, Faith, In Weakness, A Long Life, Honest Prayers, A Glad Heart, Holy Spirit, Repentance, Agreement, Holiness.

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6. Capturing God’s Heart – Entire 30 Volume Set, 1-30

Download and print the entire first thirty volumes of Capturing God’s Heart. With 107 pages this set will give you and your church study materials for a years time as you space out these lessons every second week or so. Be blessed.

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