Permission to TEACH CCIM College is automatic to anyone who might want.

  • CCIM College is a gift to the body of Christ.
  • CCIM College is taught freely from pastors to pastors, leaders to leaders, peer to peer.
  • CCIM College is not for the collecting of income, but a gift given.

CCIM College is a body of material, offered freely to the body of Christ around the world. It is intended to be taught by pastors to pastors, by leaders to leaders, from peers to peers.

  • CCIM College is not certified per se, nor is it given with much oversight. It is copyrighted as open-source, and can be used at your discretion.
  • CCIM College is meant to reach the 80% of pastors who cannot normally access good training and Bible Schools already in place in majority cities in the world.

We are not interested in making school ‘locations’ because then we are bogged down with much criteria and cost and focus that in fact removes us from the very thing we are meant to be doing.

CCIM College is meant to be freely distributed and passed on from person to person as the Holy Spirit leads and equips, to freely equip pastors and lay-leaders without hindrance.

Of course, first, you need to be taking the CCIM College yourself. You can do this via our correspondence with Cyndy (author of the course) or through our CCIM College as online self-paced study course (to be released in this way in 2020). 

But, once you have begun the course you are free to form a class or a small group of sorts, to pass on these materials to those in your network and area.

There are a few different ways to pass on CCIM College:

  • You may teach the course as a solid unit, all chapters of each module in turn. With a certificate given at the end of each chapter or each module as you choose. Some of you will give certificates to your class for each Module, as they attend lessons, read materials, complete application exercises, and as they explore the additional scriptures that accompany each chapter.
  • Or, you may teach chosen chapters as topics in a conference, then giving certificates to those in attendance. Some of you might take some of the lessons and teach them in a conference style, over a few days time. In this case you might give certificates for attending, for joining in group discussions, for homework reported back to you.

In any case, you simply fill out the certificate with the particulars of what you are teaching, to whom, and when.

You, the one passing on the course, are responsible to the teachings and to the criteria for certification; you decide on what basis you give certificates.

You, as the one passing on the teachings and any certificate, are the one to:

  • determine criteria for certification
  • list the particulars of class formation, either in a classroom or in a conference setting, with what was taught listed on the certificate
  • sign the certificate thereby taking responsibility for what was taught and what was required to receive the certificate

You are free to pass on the course as the Lord leads you and in best service to those you are teaching. For instance: 

  • Some students will want to read the materials themselves. Some students will need you to verbally teach the material.
  • Some students can learn at home and regather with homework completed and to discuss. Some students will do better if application assignments and scripture readings are done in a group setting together with others.

We suggest, if you are intending to pass this material to others, that you take some time to think and pray about the best way to go forward.

Access and Print this Permission page: https://capturingcourage.org/permission/

The Certificate to print for your students, is provided as you are taking the course via correspondence or via online self-paced study.