Walking in Spiritual Authority

Capturing Courage’ Spiritual Authority material is an advanced conversation for those who want to do more with their lives for God and for others. It is for those serious about leveraging all of who they are for The King, the Kingdom of God and for people; the great loves of the King’s heart.

Your particular gift set, your experiences, your story, and your unique personality are perfectly matched with the needs of this day and age. Learn how to completely settle into your own life and then into how to give it away.

Spiritual authority is not about how leaders lead or how managers manage, rather it is how individuals and communities in Christ can own the expression of God through them.

Spiritual authority is not about commanding each other, spiritual authority is about expressing God’s heart over creation in such a way that we and others are more whole, increasingly free, and empowered to do his will and to pass on the Lord’s love to all those around.

Part One: God Invites Us

Spiritual authority in its seed form is in everyone. We all carry a mark of God upon us and we can all become active in that mark for the benefit of others. This is the influence we are to bring to the world.

It is the simple things we do that encourage, build, equip, reach out, and minister the grace of Jesus Christ to others. It is also the powerful transformations that transform our heart and minds and lives in Christ.

Our lives brought alongside God’s activity becomes powerful as we yield and submit our full hearts to God’s touch. As we come under God’s authority and touch in our own lives, our touch to others increases in strength and impact.

Part Two: At the Cross

At The Cross we enter into the deep with Christ and find a banqueting table laid out for us. You see, many of us still think we can prove up and clean up before God. We think that the dark and ugly places of our lives are to be hidden away, or forgotten, tucked out of sight.

Rather, because of the cross we can in fact delve into the most difficult things in our lives and surprisingly find that this is exactly where God is. It is as we risk opening our hearts to the King of Kings and risk to have His heart opened to us that we are equipped from deep inside to live authority that mirrors him and expresses his heart.

Part Three: God’s Heart for This World

Spiritual authority is all about representing The King of Kings. It is about working out His will on this earth. It is about stepping up and restoring to God’s original plan the details of our lives, our communities and this world. Walking with The King’s authority therefore first requires that we know The Kings Heart.

If we are to carry the weight of God into the world, if we are to impact lives and set things right in the Spirit realm, and consequently on earth, we must first grow in intimacy with The King; what are God’s priorities?

Part Four: Standing in the Gap

The gospel of Jesus Christ is not an invitation to come to church on Sundays, it is not an invitation to come to prayer meeting on Wednesdays, or to Bible Study on Saturdays, it is so much more than this. The gospel of Jesus is an invitation to participate in revival and restoration of our own lives, the lives of those in our communities, and ultimately as prayer advocates of our nations.

Standing in the gap we bring all of the prior lessons into a practical grid by which we do life. Under the radar and hidden in the light of Christ has us experiencing and making a difference in our own lives and in this world.

“You have turned for me my mourning into dancing; you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me with gladness, that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever!” Psalm 30:11-12