At Capturing Courage we had eighteen international ministry trips before God turned our attention to home. It was early in 2019 that Holy Spirit whispered, “What if we establish a House of Prayer?”

Myself, Cyndy writing this, sat on this word for some months, testing it out, listening for more, wondering if that was the Lord or not. There had been an immediate sense that this was from the Lord. My spirit had jumped within me at the idea of a house of prayer. And, the thought had come to me suddenly and completely out-of-the-blue. I had never before considered a house of prayer.

But, still we test and we wait. At Capturing Courage we think and consider things a long time before taking any action; we have learned to never rush ahead of the Lord. And we know that Holy Spirit will take us along in due time, with cohesive actions, and all the energy and provision as necessary.

Long story short, it wasn’t until the autumn of 2020 that I heard the Lord say, “I want you to establish a house of prayer, on an ancient well of the Spirit, on Vancouver Island.”

Now, I had never heard of an ancient well of the Spirit before. But it rung true in my heart. I didn’t waste any time thinking or wondering if I was nuts or not (as compared to years earlier with God’s instructions about things), and I immediately gave my ‘yes’ as the Lord may lead.

Summer 2021: With my belongings packed into a storage locker, my apartment lease given over, I moved from where I’d been to my car. With camping gear packed I headed off to Vancouver Island for nine-weeks of camping and driving, touring around the island seeking out an ancient well of the Spirit.

And this we found. A heavily guarded mountain community that both resonated a deep sense of God and a seemingly solid demonic guardian spirit over the place. The Lord had revealed and directed. We would wait on God for further confirmation and steps.

The confirmations that would come of this time on the island were profound and surprising. We now wait on the Lord.

Winter 2022: The Lord told me that I was to pray across Canada. I was surprised. And delighted. But wondering when this would play out. There were major things that stood in the way of my heading across Canada that summer to come. But, they ALL shifted and paved the way for me to heed the instruction of the Lord. It was simply amazing.

Spring 2022: Prior to heading across Canada I went back to Vancouver Island for one-week’s time. I visited with a number of folks. Camped again a number of places. Relished in this quick time with the Lord on the island and in the end, unexpectedly, came across another well of the Spirit on another mountain in another area of the island. What might this be Lord? We wait to see.

Summer 2022: 12,000 km trip, praying across Canada and back. There is so much to tell about this time across Canada. Perhaps I will have attached a video on this page to really tell the story! In short, the Lord provisioned, led, granted courage, established the way, determined the pauses, and all manner of good-will of the Lord and of people as I travelled, camping, across Canada and back to my home province of British Columbia.

Currently, we are letting all the seeds of these various investments of energy, prayers, time, focus, to take hold, for roots to take root, and for the timing of growth and of something tangible one day as the Lord may prove.

In the meantime, we’ve entered into the final phase of Capturing Courage International Ministries, a focus on prayer, an establishing of good teachings around prayer, and an encouragement to the body of Christ for all to learn how to pray, to take courage to stand in the authority of Jesus Christ, and for there to be practice and an increase of confidence in terms of hearts before God, the posture of our hearts that powerful prayers demand, with a sharing of the specific strategic way of prayer that God has taught us at Capturing Courage.

With all Glory to You God. All glory to you.