Cyndy Lavoie – Founding Director, Author, Teacher, Apostle

Ever since I was a little girl growing up within the church and within leadership I’ve been aware that leaders are pouring out to others. And since a very young age I wondered, “Who is pouring into these leaders?” 

This is the backbone of my work here at Capturing Courage. As an inner-healing prayer minister, as a leadership coach, and as a friend of Jesus, it is my privilege and honor to be serving pastors and lay-leaders around the world. 

Personally my journey has been both amazing and very difficult. It’s been full of wonder and beauty and also with a fair share of trouble and trauma. Through all of it the Lord has been near; God never leaves us or forsakes us no matter what our circumstances or experiences may be. 

Out of this journey I found the Lord in a deeper way than I had ever imagined possible. I learned how to come to the Lord with the entirety of my heart and life. And I found that spiritual authority has nothing to do with position or stature but with intimacy with God; I found that leadership bears great fruit when we are whole people ourselves. 

I’ve now ministered in more than 350 churches in 6 countries. Everywhere I go I facilitate this intimacy with God, authenticity of heart, awareness that God is for us, and how the presence of God in us changes, heals, and improves our personal live and our service and ministry. 

We do have what it takes. God has made it so. A significant difference can be made in our communities and within the mandate given us by the Lord. It is good to meet you here. 

Welcome to Capturing Courage International Ministries. 

Dr. Cynthia F. Lavoie, DD(Hons)

“They preached with joyful urgency that life could be radically different; right and left they sent the demons packing; they brought wellness to the sick, anointing their bodies, healing their spirits.” Mark 6:12-13 MSG

“It has been my privilege to encounter and work alongside several “larger-than-life” individuals. People who swim consistently against the mainstream. Not for kicks, but to engage the world with authenticity and effectiveness. Cyndy Lavoie is one of those people.

Cyndy and I have been networking and collaborating for several years now. I have come to appreciate her as a person of vision, determination, passion and energy. Cyndy is unstinting in her dedication to the significant task she has taken on. She is un-phased by almost any challenge. She takes risks and spends herself to get things done. Recognizing few will maintain her pace and trajectory, she works to keep others onside.

Cyndy challenges the status quo. She is bold, tireless, investigative, appreciative, collegiate. And refreshingly down-to-earth. She has walked the hard road to get to where she is. Her work, Capturing Courage International Ministries, is a credit to her imagination, insight and application. From a missiological perspective, it is innovative, scripturally-based and inter- culturally relevant. It is rightfully gaining a significant audience amongst Majority World leaders.”   Dr J Benham Clements