“Dream: I saw a ladder coming from the sky to the earth. Then I saw a white shiny clothed man having a crown on his head coming to the earth. You were with the man. Your clothes were white and you both were looking glorious, beautiful and nice. I, my friend Kamal and thousands of the people were waiting for you to welcome you. As you arrived we welcomed you and give you flower baskets. The time was awesome and full of joy. We all worshipped there. 

Many of the people of my nation were thirsty. They were crying for water. You were having a can of water and you gave water to all of us and we thanked you. The amazing thing was this that the can was not getting empty. Then you both came to my home and we ate together.” Sha, Pakistan, 2013

I was in Pakistan in both 2016 and 2019. I shared the spirit of Sulha that establishes peace and reconciliation where before there has been retribution and a demanding of recompense, on things that cannot ever be made right. There is so much that has gone wrong in this world that only the extravagant love of God can enter a chaotic desperate world and bring peace to the depths of our own hearts. Only the love of God covers over a multitude of sins and restores our lives, redeems our days. And the people of Pakistan know the truth of this and responded with gladness, sheer delight, and deep agreement.

“I have been a pastor for 35 years. I have heard thousands of sermons and teachings and messages. Today, this was revelation and transformation for my life. Thank you.” 

We hardly know how to sum up our Capturing Courage time in Pakistan. The people are beautiful and welcoming, the land is gentle and stunning, and the Lord is the same everywhere we go. The Spirit of God moves and leaves a mark of generosity and peace and joy the same, the world over. Pakistan is no different.

As we ministered together we experienced the grace of God, the camaraderie of each other, the fellowship of the saints, the healing touch of our Lord Jesus Christ, and a hope of God amongst us – reminded once more that God is active in and through and for His people.