“Am studying the notes. You are a wonderful gift from God. Thanks for the wonderful writings” Mark, Uganda 

“I realize I have been living a careless life. God wants intimacy with me. I am coming back to God. And we will do great things together,” Pastor in Uganda

“Your presence among us has made a mark. The teachings you brought have already changed our lives. This region will not remain the same. You have exactly what we need.” Pastor in Uganda

“This course is taking us to the next level. I used to think that worshipping is raising one’s hands and singing to the Lord, but now I know it is many other things as well. For instance, if I am loving my enemy, this is worship! This course is sharpening us and making us firm.” Pastor Christopher, Uganda

“My wife joined the classes and she said, ‘Come and see’, I found the classes too. I learned about loving my enemy and when I attended I went home in peace and slept well. Another person was at these classes, one who has been my enemy. Now, we are reconciled through these classes, once we were enemies but now we are friends.” Ezekiel in Uganda

“I’ve benefitted a lot in how to read the Bible. The Bible is a difficult book to read and I started reading it because I had an exam. I have been caught up reading it and I have received revelations from this study by reading the Bible. I wouldn’t have learned how to read the Bible without this course.

I thought to work for God I must be good, blameless but I realized as Paul said, even though as a sinner I acted out of ignorance, and God considers me faithful as I come to him. To serve God I thought I needed much, but I realize that the little I have God can use. The little money, things, faith, is exactly what God wants to use, and I must be faithful with a little.” Benjamin

“CCIM College has built my life: 1st – The Heart of Worship. I never knew, I thought it was just coming to church, sing, worship, but now I know it is not just verbal but worship is to be my whole heart and life. 2nd – I never used to know about relationship with God. I come to church, I go, but now I know that relationship with God is shown in church and outside of church. I never used to forgive, but now I forgive and ask forgiveness. I see God is doing a lot. Others ask, ‘What are you studying?’ Now I teach the scriptures through these lessons.” Naomi, Uganda

“I was a very stubborn man but with the teachings God started changing this, from then I have changed.” John, Uganda

“We have been learning that God wants the heart that repents. Humility and obedience to God attracts people to God.” Mary, Uganda 

“It’s been a great Blessing for us and our believers and especially for the young upcoming Christian Leaders and Pastors who were generated with new energy and strengthened by the teachings of Sister Cyndy.” Paul, India

“Thank you Sister Cyndy for the Strong foundation you gave us on how to pray, deliver, and cancel the negative plots and declare the peace of God in Jesus name. Amen!” Pastor Samuel, India

“The CCIM College Course has been a work for me. I became strengthened and took courage – it has done a great work. Before I would feel tired and weakened, but after this course, trials come but I would not be touched. I stand strengthened with courage and this course has made me very well and it has helped me greatly, it has also helped me as I counsel others in my church.” Pastor Christopher

“I read the God’s Heart Material, God convicted me and I apologized to my wife.” A Pastor in India

“We are healing and understanding, comforting, filled with the Holy Spirit, Praise the Lord!” A Pastor in India

“The materials are good and exhorting the church leaders in building the character to be leaders with integrity.” Pastor in Uganda

“I am in faith that capturing Gods heart bible school will capture the whole Uganda and all nations in Jesus name, for our visions is to teach people and after their graduation they go and teach others and all people are ready to do the work.” Praise, Uganda

“I learned how to touch the heart of God.” Justin, Uganda 

“This material does not belong to any of us, but it belongs to God. We must get it out to as many people as possible.”  Bishop Edward, Uganda

“Mummy, I call you mummy because of the spiritual care you are giving us through the revelation you have by God’s grace, may God’s anointing continue to be with you. Capturing Courage has equipped me with knowledge on how to live as a Christian and helped me to build my relationship with God and it is helping a lot when I am sharing at church and at the hospital where I work. Thank-you, May God bless you.” Believer in Uganda

“I’m being strengthened by the teachings of God’s Heart material. Gradually I’m transforming” Pastor in Uganda

“Thanks for the encouraging messages. To me they are doing a great work and my life is not remaining the same. May the Lord reward you abundantly.” Believer in Uganda

“The Pastors thank you very much for this new course given to them free of charge and asked me to inform you that they like your work and they are proud to be given the opportunity to take part in CCIM Training in Uganda.” Pastor in Uganda

“Greetings, Today we have shared Volume 3, FORGIVENESS. Really God has touched people’s hearts!” Pastor Daniel, Uganda

“I am happy that the word of God gives me strength. True freedom is essential and profound. Your teaching is indeed reawakening.” Pastor in Uganda

“Thank you for your heart — we cannot express what you have meant to us.” Pastor in Kenya

“The church was taught how amazing is our God and what He can actually do and being His child what we have inherited freely the Gifts from Him. Sister taught about the Lord’s supper, forgiveness and how quickly we should forgive and love others like Christ did. There was healing, deliverance, chains broken, lives changed.

And slowly, the news spread across the villagers and non-believers also started coming to our house to know more about the inheritance of God and how blessed are we to have Christ as our personal Saviour. With all these teachings that Sister taught us , we are strengthened in the local village and we feel all the joy when the teachings are breaking the curses that were ruling the families for long years. Praise God!Pastor Esther, India

“You have just taken us to the next level.”

“After receiving and reading,comparing to the Bible,Meditating and much Prayers, GOD did Not Fail us, our Spirit Approved the Teaching and Faith Revealed through Your Spirit Filled Ministry. At Last! we Found the True Gospel Restored in the Church through the teaching that you Lovingly Sent to us, that Clings to the Whole Truth Handed Down by the Prophets & Apostles. The Gospel Teaching you sent Touched our Hearts and Encouraged me more to Remain Faithful to GOD and Diligent to works.” Pastor Edgar, Philippines

“My hip and back pain was healed as you prayed for me.” A Woman in India

“We are encouraged in the Lord, you are the answer to our prayers.” Reverend in Uganda

“As we have discussed earlier you and I need to work together to take these messages to the people who are working in the remote areas in India. If we don’t take these lessons it will be injustice to the word of God, because your teachings are anointed words.” Dr. Alex in India

“Thanks for this great inspiration you are sharing with us today. It is rich stuff, a fruit of the Holy Spirit. Personally I have been moved by the statement that, the church is where the gospel and manner of Jesus Christ is passed on to others and where we are to take on identification with Christ and become like him. This humbles me to go to my knees and cling to Him, to reach out and make Him Known and to struggle every other minute asking myself, ‘What would Christ ask of me in whatever circumstance I find myself?’ Be blessed Cyndy, You are such a good gift from God to us.” Mugagga, Uganda

“Wow! What a wonderful and great day I had today by meeting Cyndy! I am spiritually blessed and my hope is revived. I like and admire how Cyndy presents the gospel! I thank God that I am connected to this ministry. After the meeting, my team remained mouth open on the message and they are happy for listening to Cyndy and they say, She is the right person to work with. Thanks for your prayers to our ministry. Blessings to you.” Pastor David, Kenya

“Dear Sister I heard the word of God when you were in India in state of Telangana, Really I am blessed by that message: topic Revival, 1.  Hungry for God, 2.  Repentance,  3.  Break Religious Strongholds. My life was totally changed I am blessed and doing the Gods work with fire of Revival.” Pastor Elisha, India

“Dear sister I want to thank you for your messages you are sending to me through the email. They are powerful messages that contain the life of God in them to change one’s life and to open one’s eyes to begin operating in the climate of revelations.” Pastor Ravi, India

“I saw a bright shining light behind you and realized that God was with you.” Believer in India

“God showed me in a dream last night that this day we would be crying out to him.” One of many prophetic dreams and visions in during ministry time in India. 

“I am much blessed because of God’s grace and love that enabled me to connect to you so that I may have access to your teachings. I am a church planter in the rural villages and the slums of Kenya. I reach many areas of my nations working with different churches in the rural villages. However our major problem had been lack of discipleship material.

Having gone through your material I was very much happy since they are addressing all areas of ministry. This is when I began using them in my church. I then introduced them to the Pastors working in my ministry. Since the beginning of 2013 we adopted Capturing God’s Heart studies as discipleship training material and our teams like them so much.

Presently over 4000 people are being taught or benefiting from Capturing God’s Heart every week in the rural villages. Over 60 churches from different denominations in western Kenya, Nyanza, Rift Valley, Central and Nairobi are using Capturing God’s Heart Studies.” Bishop Michael, Kenya

“I could not walk into the church on my own but today I walked out by myself.” Healing in India

“I am no longer afraid of witchcraft for God is with me.” Deliverance in India

“Dear Sister Cyndy, I greet you in the name of the living God. I thank God for your services in Uganda and Africa at large. The time we were with you was a blessing to us and me in particular. I experienced a fantastic spiritual exposure when I served with you as your interpreter. I really tapped your anointing. I pray that next time when you come over, I do the same. I would like to inform you that the seeds you sowed have germinated and are being watered by the Holy Spirit. We are earnestly waiting for you to come back and harvest the yields.” Pastor Michael, Uganda

“What we have learned will enable me to continue in the general salvation.” Francis

“The words I have listened to has built my life.” Wilfred

“I am so grateful because the word has blessed me. We the youth are the church of tomorrow. If they train us from our youth then the church tomorrow will be strong. The words are encouraging us. May God bless you.” Pastor Steven, Uganda

“This day has been a great day. Someone can just boast around and say ‘I am saved’ but go away and have accusations against self. Because of the word we have listened to I am delivered from the chains (of self-condemnation), and God bless you for this.” Pastor in Uganda

“I am so grateful for the gospel we have heard today.”  Pastor in Uganda

“For me I am an evangelist by call. And I have preached so many times about the prodigal son, but today Cyndy has blessed my life and has given me new vocabularies for this message. In my next crusade I will preach more about this. God has challenged me. In fact the Father ran. What great love is this. It has touched my heart that Jesus lowered himself, he ran, he came running, on that cross, a sign of humility so that he can draw us to the Father. I need to love this God and work for him.” Evangelist in Uganda

“My mother-in-laws paralysis is better.” Healing in India

“God healed me as you were preaching.” Healing in India

“The message what has blessed me so much is Psalm 23:5. It shows me very much the love of Christ. By the time we were reading it I was thinking that my enemies would be ashamed and ashamed and ashamed. That I would sit down on a chair and enjoy well and my enemies would be suffering from jealousy, but God is different. That child got lost (Luke 15:11- but by the time the father saw the child the father had a banquet. It reveals that we should pray for our enemies that we might enjoy the banquet of the kingdom together with them.” Pastor in Uganda

“I thank God for the one who created sister and planted wisdom in her. As she has been teaching here I have been moved that she is a spiritual doctor and prophesies into the spiritual world. And my spirit has joined and God has treated it.” Jane, Uganda 

“From these words I see two things in relation to the teaching of Dr. Cyndy. There is a need for Sulha between the flock and the flock. What I mean is the sheep and the sheep, the believer an the believer. Then there is also a need for Sulha between the leader or pastor and the flock. And then another need for Sulha between the pastor and the pastor. Competition and false accusations come within the body and these are very wounding. But today we call it a day of Sulha, and Dr. Cyndy do not worry, we will keep you advised of how Sulha changes our lives. We welcome you back at any time.” Pastor in Uganda

“I’m lighter and have more joy. My sorrows left me.” Healing in Uganda

“My husband’s bad back was healed and he is now back in the fields” Healing in India

“I am blessed by the teacher today. Personally I am a leader and I love such teaching. They make me the kind of leader that I want to be. She was speaking about Daniel remaining faithful even in the difficult times and continued to seek God. It was a very difficult time but he was faithful. This teaches me one thing, my difficulty may not be Daniel’s but most of the time those of us leave the presence of God. I also have a difficult time but will I remain faithful in seeking God.” Pastor in Uganda

“Our pastors are not trained and this has become a weight to me. You are an answer to my prayers.” Bishop in Kenya

“We pray that God enables CCIM to achieve its Main Global Mission of transforming the way we teach and preach His Word.” Pastor Charles

“Thank you Sister Cyndy for the Strong foundation you gave us on how to pray, deliver, and cancel the negative plots and declare the peace of God in Jesus name. Amen!”  Pastor Samuel, India

“I have been a pastor for thirty years but today’s teaching has been revolutionary to me.” Pastor in Pakistan  

“I have been a pastor for some years. After this teaching I realize that I have not been a pastor at all. I will return home a true pastor.” Pastor in Uganda

“This is of the Holy Spirit, something fresh that we do not get in Bible School.” Bishop in Uganda

“It is not often in Africa that we have women preachers, but this is a woman before you. And if God had not wanted her to come all this way she wouldn’t have made it. But here she is before us, and she is a woman. We therefore need our women to also be strong in the Lord. We now expect our women to grow and to also minister in the Kingdom of God.” Pastor in Mozambique

“Many people are benefiting from the Capturing God’s Heart studies. They are telling me, ‘We are healing and understanding, comforted, filled with Holy Spirit.’ Praise the Lord!” Pastor in India 

“I learned a lot of things – the heart of worship. I had never known before all the ways we can worship. I never knew how I could minister to Him. This has taken me from one level to another level. Worship is not so much from the pulpit or about raising the arm but the actions and the things we do to our fellow people. Helping people I am busy worshipping my God. I also teach others what I have learned. I see that I am getting closer to God and it won’t end with me but will go to the whole world.”  Pastor Alex in Uganda

“As you were preaching, discouragement left my heart and mind. I am now at peace and hopeful” Healing in India

“As you were preaching God assured me that He is with me.” Healing in India