As you may have heard, we have an intensive course for pastors and lay-leaders called College of Capturing Courage. This course can be used both casually and professionally.

Casually: You are able to take any chapter of the course and teach it to small groups, prayer meetings, or even used as Sunday morning sermons; teaching the principles and content here and there to different folks.

Professionally: You can form a small class or two, within your network of leaders, pastors and congregational lay-leaders, for their specific training and edification; teaching the principles and content in an organized and sequential way with the same people for 1-2 years.

Either way, the course material is freely offered as a gift to the body of Christ. It can be found on our course website: https://collegeofcapturingcourage.org for easy overview, study, and printing.

Casually: You would be free to take any of the teachings and facilitate these over a few days as a conference. You would then be able to give a certificate, 1. Indicating what you taught, and 2. Signed by Yourself, as the one responsible for the teaching, 3. Given out by you at the end of the day/s, gathered together.

Professionally: You would begin to take the course for yourself, first. 1. Reading the content. 2. Studying the scriptures. 3. Doing the Application assignments. Then, within a month or two you are welcome to begin teaching the content to those that you are already responsible to train and equip.

While casually you would pick and choose what to teach, professionally you are responsible to walk through the course chapter by chapter. Begin with Module ONE, Chapter One: reading the content, studying the scriptures, and doing the application assignments.

Professionally: There are Certificates for the completion of each of the three modules:

  • Certificate in Capturing God’s Heart – Module ONE
  • Certificate in Walking in Spiritual Authority – Module TWO
  • Certificate in Capturing Courage Discipleship Focus – Module THREE

There is a Diploma once the entire course is completed:

  • Diploma in Transformational Leadership

Then, in collaboration with GULL, Global University of Lifelong Learning, a Degree is awarded:

  • Bachelor of Professional Studies (Applied Christian Ministry)

Each of these, certificates, diploma, and degree, require particular reporting all along the way, throughout your study, for yourself as both student and teacher, and for your students, other pastors that you are training.

Head to this page (click on the link) for further clarity and instructions about the course requirements: https://collegeofcapturingcourage.org/certificates-diploma-and-degree/

Understand that your process with your students will take upwards of two years for full completion. In this time, your students will find steadily unfolding strengths and wisdoms in their personal lives and in their work as ministers of the Lord.

“Capturing Courage is a Spirit-inspired, practical ministry. This is Biblical ministry which causes our hearts to set right with God. We are leaders and we must have transformation. We must have practical training that touches the inner man – CCIM training does this. We are not remaining the same.” Pastor Evans, Uganda

With careful teaching, faithfulness, and steady study, your students can be brought to the degree level, assisting greatly in attaining church and government requirements within their country.

At Capturing Courage we are alongside via email with those taking on this level of responsibility. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and to help guide you through the months as you teach the course within your network.