People RESTING in the grace of God, free from performance or works.

People of JOY because their hopes, dreams, and longings, are in the hands and care of Jesus.

People warmly LOVING others out of a soul caught by the Lord’s great love.

People INVESTING their lives for the betterment of others – intentional, strategic, purposeful.

People able to TELL their stories and the difference Jesus Christ has made for them.

People able to SHARE the gospel in a way that reflects God’s expansive heart.

People FULL UP on the Lord so that their influence is not compromised by unmet ego needs.

People able to SEE the bigger picture and to KNOW their unique place in it.

People who are LIVING OUT both great humility and great strength.

People who are WISE in the use of their power – personal, emotional, spiritual, financial.

People intent on HONOURING their fellow man.

People UNDERSTANDING the difference between systems of the world and the Kingdom of God.

People FREE from religion and it’s laws, systems, shame, condemnations, oughts, and should’s.

People BEARING the light of Christ to the world.