Timeline – Capturing Courage in India

2015 – Nine weeks in India. Capturing Courage began in Bangalore for a week of teaching at a Bible School. Then travelled north to Andhra Pradesh and another seven ministries and communities. Each week was a blessed time. We experienced people spontaneously coming to the Lord simply as we were there. Testimonies of healings and of the Lord answering to the cries of folks hearts became commonplace. There was a profound deliverance from demons for one lady. And then too, simple fellowships, eating together, praying for many. We praise God for his faithfulness and the opportunity to partner with him in India.

“When we were given a week’s time to schedule to Minister with Sister Cyndy, we were tensed and worried that we might not have bigger things to do in the whole of long week, as we have a very small Ministry.  But, The Lord makes everything out of just nothing. Staying with just one family for a month sounds big (it became five weeks together), but we just felt the entire month flew in no time with bundle of blessings, lot of teachings, application of word of God in our daily life, methods of prayer, love of God.” Esther & Samuel 

2017 – Nine days in India. Our nine-days in the country, found us in three areas. We shared out of our primary teachings at two conferences and with one of our College of Capturing Courage classes. The bounty of the Lord has been sweet, so sweet. We saw many healings. Mostly chronic migraine headaches disappeared, pain in backs were gone, knee pains lessened, while a few demonic strongholds loosed off as well. God encouraged all of us in this. Healing happens in India.

“Then they were on the road. They preached with joyful urgency that life can be radically different; right and left they sent the demons packing; they brought wellness to the sick, anointing their bodies, healing their spirits.” Mark 6:12-13

2018 – Nine days in India. Capturing Courage was in five communities in these nine- days in the country. We drove some 2000 km’s. Crazy hours of driving yet through stunning Indian countryside. One of our primary gatherings was with a graduating class of College of Capturing Courage.

2018 :: 9 Days :: February

Our College of Capturing Courage, a one-year intensive discipleship journey for leaders, has growing interest in India and we are at the beginning stages of setting into place the folks who will be ministering the supporting roles to those pastors and leaders who want to make use of the materials we offer.

Most notably, on this trip we gathered with a graduating class of this course. Amazingly, beyond our imagination, it became clear that the Lord had done a miracle with this class. The teachers of our course were themselves low on English, and the students had even less. Yet, a transformation of hearts and minds had been taking place as this group gathered to study and learn together. It was a very privileged and blessed day to gather and to celebrate the Lord together.

2017 :: 9 Days :: August

THE HEART OF GOD is intent on restoring and healing us from the inside out. For long years we as people have struggled to know God. In fact, the more CCIM ministers around the world the more we see a prevalent conclusion, even in the church, that we cannot really know God.

This leaves folks at a standstill. They want to close that gap between themselves and God. They want to know an honest love relationship between themselves and the Lord. But they don’t know how to access this, to access God.

What results is a plethora of religion and ritual, sacrifice and penance, all meant to appease an angry God, all meant to prove ourselves worthy and to buy our way into eternal life. India, of all nations, is overwhelmed by these false notions and resulting false gods.

I don’t really know how this works, except that the Spirit of God makes our hearts alive in him and in each other. Together we experience something of God that cannot be had by ourselves; we are made new by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God.

I’m not sure why this is, but healing happens in India, as opposed to very little healing in other countries (per our ministry travels). Many times as I have been praying for people the Spirit is so heavy on us we are drunk in the Lord and I have had trouble articulating the pictures God gives me for folks. Such heaven-drenched thick Spirit presence times it is all we can do to remain standing or sitting as we pray together.

Capturing Courage was in five communities in these 9 days in the country. We drove some 2000 km’s. Crazy hours of driving yet through stunning Indian countryside. The greens of the paddy fields is astounding and these big old trees with broad broad reaches over-hanging roads, taking turns to hold hands so it seems as passengers cruise by below, are truly breathtaking.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragements and financial partnerships. All things continue to be upheld by the Lord’s great heart. This is God’s thing after all. We are simply privileged to be alongside.

2015 :: 9 Weeks :: Mid-February through April 

Greetings to you in the matchless name of our Lord and loving Saviour Jesus Christ.  It’s overwhelming to pen down the blessings that The Lord has blessed us through His loving and blessed child , Sister Cyndy. 

NOTE: What you are about to read is a testimony from a family in India with whom I spent four out of my nine weeks in the country. I believe their account will give you a better idea of the touch of God there than even I can give.  To read a less formal account of my time in India, from my perspective, I have compiled my Facebook posts from about two-thirds of the trip into a pdf diary of sorts that you can download and enjoy. We give all the glory to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for this time in India. 

Download India Diary PDF HERE 

We started with a two-day Pastors Seminar with a congregation of 45 Pastors in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Most of them were Ministering The Lord for more than 10yrs. Sister Cyndy taught us from the scriptures in the most Beautiful way, the love of God that He has sent His only son for our Salvation.

Although this scripture is known from our childhood, that day, we could truly understand the longing that God has for us and to be with us. The sacrifice He made for us so that we are no more bounded in sin nor to offer any sacrifices filled us with The Light of God! Yes, truly we are carrying this Light in our lives from that day onwards.

We are also taught the way to protect this Light from the darkness of this world by wonderfully jotting down the differences between the Kingdom of God and Dominion of Satan. We were astonished to realize the fact that at most of the instances, the negative voice that pulls us down is the act from Satan and we have been agreeing to it’s terms keeping our lives in distress for years!

Oh! That’s a terrible thing to even imagine ourselves making an agreement with Satan and confining ourselves to them which we have done unknowingly all these years. And yes, that day Sister Cyndy, taught us to pray and reminded us repeatedly what power we inherit being child of God and cancelling all the Satan’s agreement in the Mightiest name and the only name of our Lord Jesus Christ!!

This teaching is a great blessing in all of our lives. We could see the power of God driving away the darkness in our lives that was ruling us for years. All praise and Glory to God!!

The session ( Pastors Seminar ) was even more interesting and interactive when Sister Cyndy spoke about women and their role in the Ministry and in a Man’s life. It’s a surprising thing that even Pastors who know the scriptures agree with the Satan’s kingdom in treating the women in their lives.

But, sister handled the session very well and interactively and brought up the scriptures and illustrated how important ‘Woman’ means in a family. And yes,  of course, all the women in the congregation gave a joyful shout for the Kingdom Of God speaks the importance of women! We had a good great time discussing many more such topics that are working wonders in our daily lives.

Following Saturday, we were invited by the local mainline church for a Ministering Saturday night service.  Sister Cyndy shared the word of God and taught to pray to see how God can deliver us from the chains. Yes, the message that was shared that night was spread across the village through belivers and we had an another invite from one other mainline church in the village.

Basically, this church is completely orthodoxed and doesn’t believe in the Spirit of God working in our daily lives. They follow more or less like an idol worship. And no one dares to teach them the truth because, they believe their doctrines are rigid and nothing could bring a change in them. But, we could see how wonderfully God worked though Sister Cyndy in the mainline church.

The church was taught how amazing is our God and what He can actually do and being His child what we have inherited freely the Gifts from Him. Sister taught about the Lord’s supper, forgiveness and how quickly we should forgive and love others like Christ did. There was healing, deliverance, chains broken, lives changed.

And slowly, the news spread across the villagers and non-believers also started coming to our house to know more about the inheritance of God and how blessed are we to have Christ as our personal Saviour. With all these teachings that Sister taught us , we are strengthened in the local village and we feel all the joy when the teachings are breaking the curses that were ruling the families for long years. Praise God !

Some of the church leaders  and believers attended our church in a village which had a strong domination from other religious leaders, and offensive people who made their own amendments and rules of, “how can a person  be transformed in a religious manner ?“  The question rises very often because some of them are still in the bondages of satanic visions set by local people.

The most inspiring scenario which thrilled everyone was an elderly man aged 65, from other caste and religion, a non-christian who visited the church just to see Sister Cyndy as she was a foreigner, (meaning it was like a fantasy for him to see a person who are from different country). So he rushed to the church and since he was one among the village head’s he was made to sit in the front row of the church.

And the teaching started, all about the inner healings and how to breakthrough the rules of life. Slowly that old man was listening carefully and at the end he stood and raised his hand and immediately wanted to be baptized — SHOCKING SHOCKING — Praise God; the Person was against each and everything regarding church and that same person admitted himself to the feet of our Lord amazingly.

It’s been a great Blessing for us and our believers and especially for the young upcoming Christian Leaders and Pastors who were generated with new energy and strengthened by the teachings of Sister Cyndy.

The trip to India was God’s Plan as many of us were living in the same old doctrines and admonitions and abusiveness from the religions, but the time was set by God that Sister Cindy and her teachings was a BREAKTHROUGH  from all those things. Praise God.

Thank you Sister Cyndy for the Strong foundation you gave us on how to pray, deliver, and cancel the negative plots and declare the peace of God in Jesus name. Amen!”

Postscript by Cyndy

“In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ we lift India – We claim this ministry time for the glory of the Lord, we claim God’s salvation, we claim healing, we claim compassion, we claim grace, we claim God’s favour and an open heaven, for all connections and provision of heart and body and spirit, we claim God’s hand pressing upon us, we claim the breath of the Holy Spirit. We claim you Jesus for the time in India and we give all of the glory to our Lord. Amen and amen.”

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  1. Matt 10:14 It seems a shaking of the dust so to speak what happened when you went to India and so you stayed longest with those who entered into the teaching and agreed. A wonderful testimony of what The Lord did in your time in India. So proud of you dear woman of God and glad to have followed the process. A learning time here for me and a good testimony for you.

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