Capturing Courage International Ministries began it’s international work in the country of Uganda in November 2011. It is in Uganda where we began to learn our manner of being with people, of entering in, being on the inside, in simple fellowship, delightful partnerships, and powerful wholeness of the Lord poured over us.

The process has been that of opening gifts from the Lord as precept upon precept, and manner upon manner, was laid out before us; the way to be with the Body of Christ around the world.

Over the many years of inner healing and leadership work, prior to our international launch, the pattern has been that God has us pouring into those that are being prepared for increased spiritual authority and impact in the Kingdom of God. This has been our experience within Uganda.

The people of Uganda are a people eager for the Lord and for all the Lord may have for them, through them, and within them; there is a hunger in Uganda for the ‘true’ stuff of God. We are convinced that the Lord has great things for the world from the impact of the body of Christ in Uganda.

Now, Capturing Courage International Ministries has been in Uganda many times and to many, many places, some forty districts and to hundreds of churches and homes. There is more to tell than what can be properly shared on this page. But let us try to give an accurate picture of the work of CCIM in the country of Uganda.

Timeline – CCIM in Uganda  

2011 – Two weeks in Uganda. Our initial overseas ministry time. The launch of all that has come to be so far.

2012 – Cyndy in Uganda on two ministry trips to about a dozen communities, preaching and teaching, sharing all that God has shown us at CCIM.

She began writing our topical Bible Study called, Capturing God’s Heart. This was sent to a number of pastors in Uganda via email and began to have significant impact.

“Greetings, Today we have shared Volume 3, FORGIVENESS. Really God has touched people’s hearts!” from Pastor Kakuba 

2014 – Three Months in the country with multiple requests.

“Cyndy, please put your teachings into a form that we can access. We want a CCIM presence in the country even when you are not here.” Pastor after pastor

Out of this, I began to compile our Capturing God’s Heart Volumes, creating what has become Module ONE of our CCIM College.

2015 – Cyndy was only in Uganda for a short eight-day trip within Uganda. We visited the classes that had been teaching CCIM College within their areas and faith communities.

We began to experience exponential requests for our CCIM Course by pastors and bishops.

“Our pastors are not trained and this has become a weight to us. What you are giving us is an answer to our prayers.” Bishop after bishop 

2016 – CCIM was six weeks in the country. We had our very first CCIM College Teacher Training. It was a brilliant success and showed us what could be and set the stage for future support and system around the course, for those inviting and using it.

2017 – We were three times in the country in 2017, establishing both CCIM Team Uganda as well as discerning the supporting roles necessary around CCIM College. We clearly saw the need to facilitate Orientations and Teacher Trainings, for Follow-Up and more, within Uganda but also for response to the neighbouring countries, East Africa, as well.

2018 – With this team established, translation work of our CCIM College Course is our primary 2018 focus, while we also determine and fine-tuning the process and support systems, around the course, enabling pastors and leaders to ‘take it on’ and do well.

Find below summary accounts of each of our ministry times in Uganda, from present back through to our first time there in 2011.



2018 :: 7 Weeks :: Mid-February & March

  • our CCIM Uganda Team was readying to teach the CCIM College Teacher Trainings
  • some bumps and hurdles in this, fine-tuning and refiguring for the future
  • to: Dokolo, Mbiko, Kasambya, Kazo, Kamwenge, Mbarara, Kabuyanda, Kagadi Town, Kampala, Mbiko

We were in Uganda for nearly 7 weeks, with conferences and CCIM Equipping TT Days for the purpose of answering folks queries about our course, but also in training CCIM Uganda for the work.

Let us give a bit of context. At Capturing Courage International Ministries we have a one-year course for pastors and lay-leaders. It is a free gift (there are no course fees) to the body of Christ, meant to be taught (facilitated) by leaders of leaders (i.e. pastors teaching pastors) in their home and ministry areas.

Upwards of 80% of pastors in the majority world have not had any training whatsoever. Even though there are good Bible Colleges in most primary cities in most countries, the majority of pastors cannot access this training due to finances, distance, and time constraints.

Now, CCIM College is NOT Bible School. But it is an astounding accompaniment to more formal training. We call it transformational leadership and discipleship for pastors. It comes with a Diploma in Transformational Leadership once completed.

There is SO MUCH INTEREST in this course, so many invitations, that the requests have long since outstripped Cyndy’s personal ability to adequately respond. At present, in Uganda, we have more than 70 inviting pastors for this course, representing about 35,000 pastors and leaders. The work is significant.

Presently, we are establishing this team and the systems and processes necessary around CCIM College. How might we make available CCIM Equipping TT Days, for instance? It is a trial-and-error process of learning and tweaking and figuring out just how to be alongside folks so that they can take on the course in a sustainable and successful manner.

Please keep us in your prayers! This is so much appreciated. The primary work for CCIM 2018 is in the country of Uganda. We are on a new learning curve, trusting the Lord together, visioning forward, establishing ourselves in faithfulness to this present task.


2017 :: 3 Months :: 90 Days :: March, April, May

  • to some 30 districts
  • to Gayaza, Mukono, Mbiko, Namayingo, Pallisa, Okonguru parish, Soroti, Amuria, Nangaiza, Iganga, Bwera Kasese, Kagadi Town, Mubende, Madudu, Kiryanongo, Luweero, Kasawo, Ngoma, Gulu, Masindi, Kiboga, Kasambya, Kisimi Island, and others
  • with some 42 pastors and in many homes
  • began to form our Uganda team
  • finished writing College of Capturing Courage International Ministries
  • taught our core teachings: Sulha, Retribution vs. Restoration, The Second Witness, Keys to Revival, and Revival Process

Everywhere CCIM presents the Lord swoops in and blesses our hearts in grand fashion. Here, and on the sidebar, is some of the feedback so far:

“Your presence among us has made a mark. The teachings you brought have already changed our lives. This region will not remain the same. You have exactly what we need.” a Pastor in the country 

“Am studying the notes. You are a wonderful gift from God. Thanks for the wonderful writings” Mark, Uganda

“I realize I have been living a careless life. God wants intimacy with me. I am coming back to God. And we will do great things together,” Pastor in Uganda

“I am so grateful because the word has blessed me. We the youth are the church of tomorrow. If they train us from our youth then the church tomorrow will be strong. The words are encouraging us. May God bless you.” Pastor Steven, Uganda

“For me I am an evangelist by call. And I have preached so many times about the prodigal son, but today Cyndy has blessed my life and has given me new vocabularies for this message. In my next crusade I will preach more about this. God has challenged me. In fact the Father ran. What great love is this. It has touched my heart that Jesus lowered himself, he ran, he came running, on that cross, a sign of humility so that he can draw us to the Father. I need to love this God and work for him.” Evangelist in Uganda

“The message what has blessed me so much is Psalm 23:5. It shows me very much the love of Christ. By the time we were reading it I was thinking that my enemies would be ashamed and ashamed and ashamed. That I would sit down on a chair and enjoy well and my enemies would be suffering from jealousy, but God is different. That child got lost (Luke 15:11- but by the time the father saw the child the father had a banquet. It reveals that we should pray for our enemies that we might enjoy the banquet of the kingdom together with them.” Pastor in Uganda

“I thank God for the one who created sister and planted wisdom in her. As she has been teaching here I have been moved that she is a spiritual doctor and prophesies into the spiritual world. And my spirit has joined and God has treated it.” Jane, Uganda

2017 :: 6 Weeks :: September and October

  • further CCIM College Teacher Trainings
  • in Dokolo, Northern Uganda
  • In Luweero, Central Uganda
  • also, a Team Building week at our CCIM Ministry Base in Kampala
  • to Mubende with follow up of CCIM Teachers in that area
  • Teacher Training #2 in Mubende
  • to further Conferences in other areas as well

“Hullo Dr Cyndy, Greetings in the name Of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. We are very grateful for the teaching; it was so wonderful and a blessing to our pastors. Because when we met such teaching and when I passed through the manuals we found that it is good for our life. Before there was quarrelling amongst the leaders, division, discouragement no hope, but now we have hope and healing in our lives. We are very grateful to inform you that we have read the entire CCIM College Manuals and these have really changed our lives completely. Previously, we were not discipling but now we are bringing Discipleship Training to women, men, youth, widows, and orphans. Also, due to the Teaching Manual we opened a new church in Dokolo Town. We request you to to come back again.” Bishop James – Uganda

“Praise GOD mummy, greetings from Christine and the entire church thanks you for your commitment to God’s work; may he reward you abundantly. I am happy to share with you a testimony about sulha*: we had an amazing crusade where a man of god came. Apostle & I were coordinators and so we had to mobilize other pastors but they were not willing to come. The man of god prepared dinner where we all met. They expressed their feelings, their hatred before us & apostle expressed his feelings also. After this we all reconciled and worked together for the success of the crusade.  During the crusade we all shared tasks & many people who attended were surprised to see (our town’s) pastors who had sworn not to work with Apostle, seated with him & preaching together. I thank God for that because it has broken the walls the devil had built among the pastors & people of (this town). I am still reading thru modules. Greetings to all. Christine”

2017 :: 10 Days :: November :: Cows

  • for the purpose of buying cows
  • establishing a self-sustainable revenue source within the country
  • to Kamwenge by Lake George

We have begun a Cow Project for the purpose of a sustainable resource that will support the work of CCIM Team in Uganda, from within Uganda. The revenue from the milk of these cows will sustain the work for decades and decades to come.

Additionally, in our own small way, this work of CCIM in Uganda is now supporting 4 families. Instead of giving money we are creating livelihoods. This is fantastic and we are so pleased to be offering this long-range opportunity to anyone who might like to participate. Your dollars will invest hope, strength, and joy, in tens of thousands of people for decades to come.


2016 :: 6 Weeks :: October into November

  • we formed the itinerary for our 3-day Teacher Training Days, for the purpose of Pastors being introduced and able to take the CCIM College Course back to leaders in their local areas
  • we held our first CCIM College Teacher Trainings
  • these were excellent experiences
  • to Kasowa, Mubende, Madudu, Kasambya, Mbarara, Kampala, Kitigoma, Pallisa, Jinja Islands, Bukwe, and then back to Kampala
  • we spoke, preached, or taught 38 times during the 42 days in the country
  • we stayed in 12 homes
  • we trained nearly 100 pastors to teach CCIM College Course to their people

“This course is bringing us back to our first love. It is reviving us. It is strengthening us.” Pastor Ivan regarding CCIM College

“The materials are good and exhorting the church leaders in building the character to be leaders with integrity.” a Pastor at a CCIM College Teacher Training

“This material does not belong to any of us, but it belongs to God. We must get it out to as many people as possible.”  Bishop Edward

“The Pastors thank you very much for this new course given to them free of charge and asked me to inform you that they like your work and they are proud to be given the opportunity to take part in CCIM Training in Uganda.” a Pastor in Uganda

“We are encouraged in the Lord, you are the answer to our prayers.” a Reverend in Uganda

“What we have learned will enable me to continue in the general salvation.” Francis

“I’m lighter and have more joy. My sorrows left me.” Healing in Uganda

The movement of the Lord has been deep within the hearts of people. I have shared Sulha every single place I’ve been. It is a challenging message, a hopeful message, a message that is compelling us to forgive and to move past hurt and harm and into the Lord’s great love for all people – even those we consider our enemies. 

You can listen to it (and it’s Lugandan translation) HERE

CCIM College is an intensive discipleship journey in transformational leadership. It has two unique things about it.

ONE: it is Transformational. The Holy Spirit is blowing through it and shifting and strengthening the core of leaders in the Body of Christ.

“I have been a pastor for some years. After this training I realize I have not been a pastor. I will return home a true pastor.” A Pastor at our first Teacher Training in Mubende, Uganda

SECOND: it is designed to be taught by pastors to pastors, where they are; CCIM College Course goes to pastors where they live. CCIM College is by pastors, for pastors.

Upwards of 80% of pastors within countries cannot access the good Biblical training already established in primary cities. If they were able to access it they would have done so by now. But nearly everywhere we go bishops tell us,

It is important to note that CCIM College is NOT Bible School. Rather, it is a study that complements Bible school, focussing on addressing our hearts and influence as leaders.

Thank you for your prayers and invitations alongside this work. And thank you to all those who hosted and sponsored CCIM in Uganda in 2016, and set this CCIM College Teacher Trainings off to a good start.


September 2015  :: 8 Days :: September

  • visited two of our CCIM College Classes
  • one in Pallisa / Kumi area, eastern Uganda
  • the other in Mbarara, western Uganda
  • additionally, a conversation with a national overseer regarding the deep need for the course that we have and are offering, in Kampala

Many Testimonies from these early CCIM Classes: 

“I learned how to touch the heart of God.”  Justin 

“These classes have enabled us to really know the word of God. We learned the word of God deeper and can now teach the word of God to others. You have equipped us as disciples and we are now able to disciple others.” Antony 

“These lessons have lifted me up in my pastoral work. I have learned through these lessons that we need to prepare (for sermons), that we must not be a person who divides but unites people, providing solutions. I have learned how to disciple others and that when the peace of Christ is extended to our hearts we are strong in him.” Pastor David

“I was a very stubborn man but with the teachings God started changing this — from then I have changed.” John 

“We have been learning that God wants the heart that repents. Humility and obedience to God attracts people to God.” Mary 

“My heart rejoiced when God brought this teaching. It is not a teaching that is segregating or dividing the body of Christ, but is bringing unity.” Owena 

“My wife joined the classes and she said, ‘Come and see’, I found the classes too. I learned about loving my enemy and when I attended I went home in peace and slept well. Another person was at these classes, one who has been my enemy. Now, we are reconciled through these classes, once we were enemies but now we are friends.” Ezekiel 

“Many people are teaching in their own interests but not for the redemption of all humans. CCIM is bringing back people’s attention to look at God’s word critically and very carefully. In today’s world people are serving God like they are in different political parties, claiming to be serving God. CCIM is a blessing and opportunity to bring a transformation on how to serve and read the word of God.” (didn’t get his name)

“The lessons have touched my life. Those days I had a different picture about God. The way I used to take God to be — I knew a man who hated sinners and if there was sin we do not dare to appear before God. Our backgrounds are not very appetizing, many wounds, hearts are scattered beyond repair, and we find the picture of self and the picture that the community has of self not promising of anything good. But actually, God has a different picture of me and I got a different picture of God when I looked at Jesus ministry. To serve I don’t need to be perfect. God sees the broader picture of me and he will get the best out of me.”  Beatrice

“The CCIM College Course has been a work for me. I became strengthened and took courage – it has done a great work for me. Before I would feel tired and weakened, but after this course, trials come but I would not be touched. I stand strengthened with courage and this course has made me very well and it has helped me greatly, it has also helped me as I counsel others in my church.”  Pastor Christopher in Uganda

“CCIM is a Spirit-inspired, practical ministry. This is Biblical ministry which causes our heart’s to set right with God. We are leaders and we must have transformation. Character must be above gifting. Wherever gifting is above character it will be a mess. Theology gives knowledge but does not prepare a person to be equipped in the things of God. Theology does not change the person – we must have practical training that touches the inner man – CCIM training does this. We are not remaining the same.” Pastor Evans

“I’ve benefitted a lot in how to read the Bible. The Bible is a difficult book to read and I started reading it because I had an exam. I have been caught up reading it and I have received revelations from this study by reading the Bible. I wouldn’t have learned how to read the Bible without this course. I thought to work for God I must be good, blameless but I realized as Paul said, even though as a sinner I acted out of ignorance, and God considers me faithful as I come to him. To serve God I thought I needed much, but I realize that the little I have God can use. The little money, things, faith, is exactly what God wants to use, and I must be faithful with a little.” Benjamin

“This course is taking us to the next level. I used to think that worshipping is raising one’s hands and singing to the Lord, but now I know it is many other things as well. For instance, if I am loving my enemy, this is worship! This course is sharpening us and making us firm.” Pastor Christopher, Uganda

“I have been a pastor for some years. After this teaching I realize that I have not been a pastor at all. I will return home a true pastor.” Pastor in Uganda


2014 :: 3 Months :: 90 Days :: September, October, November

  • ministered in 72 churches, schools, crusades
  • stayed with 24 families
  • three of us were together on this ministry time
  • many pastors asked, “Cyndy, we want a CCIM presence in the country even when you are not here. Can you write and prepare a course for us to learn from you.”
  • as a result, CCIM College began to be formed in October during the midst of ministry

Moving from church to church every two to three days, we partnered alongside ministries already in place bringing God’s touch. At the core of our work is inner healing and deliverance. God’s desire is to see his people fully equipped and empowered to do the work He has gifted them with. This requires that hurts and shame and the lies believed are brought to the cross for the purpose of healing and wholeness; personal revival is an ongoing and necessary work within the heart and mind of all those who give their lives to the Lord’s work.

In fact, the call to revival is a call to the body of Christ, to show the way, to lead forward in humility and to act as a forerunner for the repentance and freedom of communities and nations. This we shared most everywhere we went. The body of Christ must continue to know the transformative touch of our Lord if they are to effectively translate Him to their communities and congregations. The passion for the Lord is rich in Uganda.

Leaders are ministering within their communities and are on the forefront of positive solutions for those in need and to which the Lord has called them. We were blessed beyond measure by the passion and heart and prayers for the things of God. At the same time, we were told by many every bit of our time there, that those in leadership in the churches are often untrained and ill-equipped to bring the fullness of the wisdom of the Lord to their congregations; as one leader put it, “Christianity is wide in Uganda, but it is not deep.”

We therefore spent much time teaching about how bad fruits are the result of the roots in our lives. We taught about the wounds in our lives and about healing prayer. We called churches back to their first love and the core gospel of Jesus Christ. We looked at how we can be in ministry but not completely aligned with the heart of God and maybe even outside of the Lord’s specific covering. We gave bigger pictures of the strongholds of poverty.

People came to know the Lord, many were healed of deep emotional wounds, regrets and losses were surrendered to the cross of Christ. Strengths were renewed, hope was refreshed and we were all encouraged by mutual fellowship in the Lord and each other. And corporately in church after church we repented of our involvement in strongholds of religion and claimed instead our lives, the churches and the communities for the gospel and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And of course, we shook hundreds and hundreds of hands, often within a single day, as we visited many schools and attended many crusades. Both Nelson and Crystal brought songs and taught children how to pray healing pray for others. It was rich and delightful and powerful in the presence of the Lord.

There is so much to tell, it will take some time to unearth all the stories. There are though, a few HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and even HERE.

“Your presence among us has made a mark. The teachings you brought have already changed our lives. This region will not remain the same. You have exactly what we need.” Pastor in Uganda

“We pray that God enables CCIM to achieve its Main Global Mission of transforming the way we teach and preach His Word.”  Pastor Charles


2012: 5 Weeks: March & April

  • one week to Madudu
  • four weeks to greater Jinja area
  • to Mbiko, Bukwambe, Kamuli, Inganga, Luuka, Bugembe, Kampala, Njeru, Jinja, and to Madudu

“I am happy that the word of God gives me strength. True freedom is essential and profound. Your teaching is indeed reawakening.” – A Pastor 

“I am in faith that capturing Gods heart bible school will capture the whole Uganda and all nations in Jesus name, for our visions is to teach people and after their graduation they go and teach others and all people are ready to do the work.” – Praise, a School Director

“Hello Cyndy, I am so grateful for this good initiative. I work with women and I am always out teaching about human rights and development projects so through this I get time to share Capturing God’s Heart studies. The women I share with are of different groups but almost 12 groups of 15 members each. GOD has his ways of reaching out to people, I know you are helping us reach out to many other people. Honestly i will start with volume 12 I can’t help it. thanks aloooooooot. GOD bless you more to inspire us as he wishes. thank you so much for your love for the world, this is like a daily bread for me, we are blessed.” – Annet, a Social Worker in Uganda

2012: 2 Weeks: August

  • to Madudu and one pastors conference
  • the Lord showed us that we provided a spiritual covering in order for breakthrough, regarding provision of the Lord, to happen at this conference
  • further teaching / writing was called forth, “Cyndy, you have been here three times now. It is time to make this official. Teach us to do what you do.” 
  • I began to write what has become Module TWO: Walking in Spiritual Authority, of our CCIM Course

This third time in Uganda was hard. We were in one community, alongside a pastors conference. There was significant push-back from the enemy, and our primary role was to intercept these ‘arrows’, interceding a protection with the Lord, while breakthrough came to the area in which we gathered. We learned during this ministry time to enter into constraint and limitation as a great work of the Lord.

“Dear Sister Cyndy, I greet you in the name of the living God. I thank God for your services in Uganda and Africa at large. The time we were with you was a blessing to us and me in particular. I experienced a fantastic spiritual exposure when I served with you as your interpreter. I really tapped your anointing. I pray that next time when you come over, I do the same. I would like to inform you that the seeds you sowed have germinated and are being watered by the Holy Spirit. We are earnestly waiting for you to come back and harvest the yields.” Pastor Michael, Uganda


2011: 2 Weeks: November into December

  • to Madudu and to Mbiko
  • we brought the primary teaching to two pastors conferences
  • we brought leadership development and inner healing
  • out of these gatherings we began to write and distribute our topical Bible Study, Capturing God’s Heart

“Cyndy, thank you you so much for the word COMPASSION. Am blessed, I have understood what it means, my heart has not remained the same. May the good Lord continue to use you.” – Mildred, a nurse in Uganda

“Greetings, Today we have shared Volume 3, FORGIVENESS. Really God has touched people’s hearts!” – Pastor Kakuba 

“But the wisdom from above is first of all pure. It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and good deeds. It shows no favouritism and is always sincere. And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness.” James 3:17-18

“I shall make peace (shalom) your administrator and saving justice your government. Violence will no longer be heard in your country, nor devastation and ruin within your frontiers. You will call your walls ‘salvation’ and your gates ‘praise’.” Isaiah 60:17b-18 The New Jerusalem Bible