Capturing God’s Heart

Capturing God’s Heart is a topical Bible Study that is being used by pastors in 20 countries for their own personal edification and growth, discipleship material for the pastors that they serve, and as teaching material for congregations and small groups.

Some of these are individuals receiving for their own self study while others are pastors and bishops overseeing anywhere from 9 – 400 churches who are printing out and distributing this work.

The Lord continues to breathe through the material bringing relevance, repentance, and restoration to many people. We are glad to part of this work of God for those around the world.

These studies are freely offered to anyone who might want them. Find them in bundles for ease of downloading and printing. Individual volumes are on the left (if you are on a computer) or below (if using your phone to access this sight).

Find compiled Volumes as PDF for easy downloading and printing:

Volumes 1- 10 Click HERE

Volumes 11- 20 Click HERE

Volumes 21- 30 Click HERE

Volumes 31-40 Click HERE

Volumes 41-50 Click HERE

 For longer groupings of the material:

Volumes 1-20 Click HERE

Volumes 1- 30 Click HERE

Volumes 1-35 Click HERE

Volumes 1-40 Click HERE

Volumes 1-45 Click HERE

Volumes 1-50 Click HERE  


“Mummy, I call you mummy because of the spiritual care you are giving us through the revelation you have by God’s grace, may God’s anointing continue to be with you. Capturing Courage has equipped me with knowledge on how to live as a Christian and helped me to build my relationship with God and it is helping a lot when I am sharing at church and at the hospital where I work. Thank-you, May God bless you. ” from a young man in Uganda


17 thoughts on “Capturing God’s Heart


    • We are so glad to hear this Arthur! We have added your name to the email list that receives new Capturing God’s Heart Volumes each month. Blessings over your life. Cyndy

      • Amen thank you so Much for adding me to Bible study in capturing courage.
        I am so Much previlaged and Edified by the teachings of capturing courage .
        Thank you may the Almighty God bless you .

  2. we love the capturing courage ministries . so many people are blessed this volumes. In future God will full blessed these ministries.

    • I pray for the great promotion for this CCIM in Jesus name . as it grows we also get blessing and the Kingdom of God will be growing up. God is so faithful to do all for us in Jesus Name , ours is to believe and stand still. Blessings to all Praise Lawbebn Uganda.

      On 7/10/15, Capturing Courage International Ministries

  3. Praise God mother Cyndy and your entire team working with am blessed because of this such inspiring word of God

  4. thank you so much sister Cyndy it is that we need so pray for burundian christian because we need God and we need school and training but we are in inpocibility money is not in country so to serve God come dificulted

    • Hi Bishop Michel, Indeed, I am praying about the timing to come to Burundi. I have not forgotten you. The delay at this time, is that we are forming the supporting roles around our CCIM College Course (for East Africa), before I head to further East Africa countries. But I will get there. We stay in prayer regarding this. Peace to you this day.

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