Capturing God’s Heart – HEALING – Volume 50

God wants to heal our lives. He wants to heal our hearts and minds and bodies.

We know this in the church and for many of us we have made it our habits of church and christianity to declare and pray healing over others.

And yet, we have often made healing a product of church. We have taken what is meant to be a free gift of God to all people and have made it a proprietary (something owned by just a few people) product of the church.

To our great shame, healing has become part of our business plan.

It has taken on this form: Get people to come to church so they can give their tithes so we can pay our bills. Heal people at church so they can tithe and we can pay our bills. Give people a spiritual experience in church and they will tithe so that we can pay our bills.

Test this out in your heart. Would you be willing to take the healing of God to the streets and heal people without even telling them about your church or who you are?

I have been to well over one-hundred village churches in the last four years and what I find is that churches are often fighting over the sheep.

In churches we have made a spectacle of healing and have crafted supernatural encounters with God that may or may not be inhabited by the Holy Spirit.

What if you were healing people where they are, in their homes, in the marketplace, in the field, without ever needing them to come to your church?

What if you were to give away the healing of the Lord Jesus Christ for free?

Well, this is exactly what Christ instructs us to do.

“Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay.” Matthew 10:8

But of course, we have made even the ability to heal a proprietary product. We teach that only the big people can heal. We gather to exalt the one who heals.

This is idolatry. We have taken advantage of weak people who do not yet know their strength in the Lord and we keep them weak by refusing to teach them that they too can heal.

At CCIM we have learned a healing prayer model from Impact Nations ( and we teach this wherever we go. It is a simple model by which Jesus brings healing through anyone.

“Heal the sick .. and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.” Luke 10:9

Everyone can pray healing for others.  The work of the Kingdom is for everyone.  There is no special anointing, simply the indwelling and power of the Holy Spirit which everyone can have.

Here is how to pray physical healing for people.  Anyone can do this, even children.

  1. We ask the person, “Where is your pain?” 
  • the person responds, my shoulder (or hip, knee, stomach, back, etc) has pain

2.  We ask the person to rate the pain, “How bad is the pain from 1 to 10?”

  • 1 being low, 10 being high pain

3.  The person may say, “The pain is 7 out of 10”

  • we ask this so that when the pain is removed the person can notice the change

4.  We ask, “May I touch your shoulder?” 

  • the person usually says ‘yes’
  • if the person says ‘no’ then just hold your hand out and over the pain spot
  • note: if the pain is in a modest area you may not want to touch
  • men: do not touch women in a way that is not normal between men and women

5.  We touch the shoulder and we pray,

“I declare that all pain in the (shoulder) must go right now in the name of Jesus.” 

6.  Then we ask,  “How is the pain?” 

  • the person will say,  “It is still there a bit.”
  • or the person will say,  “The pain is gone.”

If the person says, “The pain is gone.”  We celebrate, we thank God for his healing.

If the person says,  “The pain is still there.”  We repeat from step #2

as the person rates the pain again, this helps to build faith that healing can happen

7.  We repeat steps #5 and #6 until the pain is gone.

“I declare that all pain in the __________ must go right now in the name of Jesus.”

8.  We teach this to everyone we know.   Everyone can pray healing for each other.

We must teach our people to heal.

God is trying to break out of our churches.

“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.”  1 Corinthians 4:20

Healing, the touch and miracle of our Lord that drives pain away, is to be taken to the common person by the common person to every part of your community.

If you do nothing else, do this. Teach others to heal others.

The Holy Spirit is for all people. There are not those who have more anointing than anyone else. There are only those who have had more or less amounts of practice.

This Sunday, get teach your congregation to heal each other.

Apologize that you have kept this gift from them. Confess that you have enjoyed all the power. Today set about giving this gift to them.

If you are a school teacher, teach this to your students, (children learn this better than adults!)  Imagine if you could send them home to declare healing to their parents and grandparents. Wouldn’t that be great and amazing!

Jesus wants to heal you. Jesus wants to heal your neighbour. Jesus wants to heal your enemy. Jesus wants to heal your community.

Press through in pure honest love that wants the best for that other person. Do not yell some healing words in prayer and go on without checking in with that person, “How is the pain? Is it better?”

Pray again. Push through for full healing in the name of Jesus.

“And the prayer of faith will save the one who is sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.” James 5:15

Note: this requires a believing heart full of compassion with self out of the way. It also requires that we as healers take on the responsibility to heal. James is clear, it is our prayers of faith that will heal others. Be a prayer of faith.

Then, give this gift to everyone you know. Teach it to your children. Teach it to you grandma and grandpa. Teach it to your wife or husband. Teach it to your neighbour.

“Hello neighbour. I have just learned a really simple way to offer the healing of Jesus to others. Can I practice on you? Do you have any pain right now? Oh, in your knee? Okay, well how bad is the pain on a scale of 1-10? A seven. Okay. May I touch your knee? I declare that all pain in the knee must go right now in the name of Jesus. How is the pain now? Ah, a five? Fantastic. Praise the Lord. Okay, let’s pray again. I declare that all pain in the knee must go right now in the name of Jesus. How is the pain? It is gone?! Amen, fantastic. Thank you Jesus.” 

Try this with others. It is a simple prayer. There are no heroics. No screaming voices. No loud demonstrations. It is not for show. It is not for fame. It is not an advertisement for your church.

It is the simple, profound, heart-felt, gift of God, through you, to others.

“He sent out his word and healed them, and delivered them from their destruction.” Psalm 107:20

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