Module ONE – Capturing God’s Heart

web pic course modules info overview 3Capturing Courage International Ministries is drawing the body of Christ to attend to their inner garden, the silent spaces of their own soul. For too long leaders and pastors within the Christian community have ignored the inner work required to maintain and flourish their own relationship with the Lord.

“I’m being strengthened by the teachings of God’s Heart material. Gradually I’m transforming” from a Pastor in India

Pastoring focuses on the outward expressions of faith such as preaching, teaching, leading others to the Lord, and having crusades. Then, in other public displays of faith such as healing the sick, attending to widows, taking care of orphans and building schools and educating children.

Through all these things and more pastors and leaders are faithfully attending to critical and necessary justice issues and timely needs within their communities.

Yet, we must not forget to consider what happens when we continue to focus on the outward expressions of faith but have not routinely and regularly taken the time to tend to our inner garden before the Lord.

When leaders have been facing out for long, long stretches at a time, sometimes, often, decades, when the inner garden is ignored, the edges of a pastors work, heart, and influence may begin to fray and lose vigour and may even lose touch with the Lord himself. When this happens years of impact and investment can begin to crumble.

Module ONE of College of Capturing Courage International Ministries, brings pastors into the presence of the Lord to attend to their own inner gardens, so to speak. CCIM is helping pastors and leaders in the Kingdom of God to look at and take care of their inner garden – their heart and mind – before the Lord, that the investment of their lives in the Kingdom of God may flourish long-term.

– This is a four month course and comes with a certificate upon 1) completion of the content material, 2) scripture readings, 3) application exercises, 4) monthly review questions, 5) plus a one-page written (or oral summary) of this Module and how it has impacted your life.

– It is the 1st part of a 3-part CCIM College Course.

– Do Module ONE and then choose to do more or not. You determine your level of participation.

– Our CCIM College Course is free of charge. You are merely responsible to print out the materials for yourself.

– Module ONE comes with Teachers Manual for you and if you choose to facilitate this to fellow leaders and pastors in your network and ministry and area.

“Oo what can I say but to bless the Lord for CCIM! I pray that this great ministry reaches every place on Earth since healing is the cry of every Nation! Healing is already going on and I am discovering how sick i have really been!

I have totally understood that with all the anointing upon someone, a wound/s can keep deep down the heart and able to always hinder the fruition of the Holy Spirit in one’s life. Every time I open to read Module One I meet with my inner healing and my wife can testify for she is a witness.

Many servants of God are ministering but under yokes of bondages in their hearts as I have been! Wounded ministers are increasing in number and nobody has been devoted to healing these ploughing Oxen, ploughing everyday in such inexpressible pains! Thank you again Dr. Cyndy, Shalom.” Fredrick

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