Module THREE – CCIM Discipleship Focus

Module Three has us exploring the practical side of life in Christ. As we live in the Lord, what are the markers that would indicate we are his? In our day-to-day lives, how do we understand integrity and right living? What does the Bible say about the things that confound our communities and our nations?

Module Three answers many of these things.

– This is a three month course and comes with a certificate upon 1) completion of the content material, 2) scripture readings, 3) application exercises, 4) monthly review questions, 5) plus a one-page written (or oral summary) of this Module of how it has impacted your life.

– It is the 3rd part of a 3-part CCIM College Course.

– Do Module THREE and then choose to do the final Testing & Assessment (for Diploma in Transformational Leadership) or not. You determine your level of participation.

– Our CCIM College Course is free of charge. You are merely responsible to print out the materials for yourself.

– Module THREE comes with Teachers Manual for you and if you choose to facilitate this to fellow leaders and pastors in your network and ministry and area.

“My heart rejoiced when God brought this teaching. It is not a teaching that is segregating or dividing the body of Christ, but is bringing unity.” Owena

“The lessons have touched my life. Those days I had a different picture about God. The way I used to take God to be — I knew a man who hated sinners and if there was sin we do not dare to appear before God. Our backgrounds are not very appetizing, many wounds, hearts are scattered beyond repair, and we find the picture of self and the picture that the community has of self not promising of anything good. But actually, God has a different picture of me and I got a different picture of God when I looked at Jesus ministry. To serve I don’t need to be perfect. God sees the broader picture of me and he will get the best out of me.” Beatrice

“Am happy for these wisdom words from CCIM. Very much blessed to say that I have been reading and just completed ‘ the three keys to revival ‘ chapter 51. Now preparing myself to sulha. For all the CCIM ministry and course, I want to say thank you Dr Cyndy because now, it has become part of my life after reading and reading some parts. The more I tend to apply it, the more it enters me to break all my thoughts and I become new day by day with CCIM COLLAGE.  It is hard to bring the gospel to one’s family, because they see every corner of one’s life. But now my wife speaks and shares with others the differences she is seeing, and so I know that God is doing a work in me.” Franco

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