Module TWO – Walking in Spiritual Authority

Version 2The topic of authority has been greatly misunderstood. Few things have been so distorted or defiled so thoroughly as our understanding of authority. Throughout the centuries the swords of authority have swung wild and long, haphazardly, and with much destruction.

What has been missing has been a true understanding of God and of his authority and how this flows out and into the world and through our own lives; we lack awareness of the heart, character, nature, and priorities of God.

In addition to this, we often want our own way and we use authority to exercise power over others. 1 This is the same basic sin of satan as he tried to access and take over the power of God for his own purposes and plans. 2 Therefore, without a Holy fear of our Lord, without hearts and lives intent on representing God and God only (knowing him first), authority will go bad. For authority either births good things for others or creates chaos, intimidation, and fear (out of which no good thing can come).

The difference is established by the character, maturity, discretion, prudence and holiness of the person carrying the authority; out of a pure heart flows good things, out of an evil heart flows bad. Out of a pure heart authority brings many good things to others, out of an evil heart authority brings much destruction to many. The motive of our heart makes all the difference in the world. It begins in the heart.

“For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but God looks on the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7b ESV

Spiritual authority is not about how leaders lead or how managers manage, rather it is how individuals and communities in Christ can own the expression of God through them for the increased life and healing and hope of others; the Kingdom of God come to earth.

Spiritual authority is not about commanding each other, spiritual authority is about expressing God’s heart over all of creation in such a way that we and others are more whole, increasingly free, restored to the original image as God intended when he made us, empowered to do his will and to pass on the Lord’s transformative love and restoration to all those around. This happens as we yield our entire lives and hearts in obedience to God’s voice.

This is the core lesson of Module TWO – Walking in Spiritual Authority.

– This is a four month course and comes with a certificate upon 1) completion of the content material, 2) scripture readings, 3) application exercises, 4) monthly review questions, 5) plus a one-page written (or oral summary) of this Module and how it has impacted your life.

– It is the 2nd part of a 3-part CCIM College Course.

– Do Module TWO and then choose to do more or not. You determine your level of participation.

– Our CCIM College Course is free of charge. You are merely responsible to print out the materials for yourself.

– Module TWO comes with Teachers Manual for you and if you choose to facilitate this to fellow leaders and pastors in your network and ministry and area.

“When I heard about Sulha, I could not understand it well. Because I was going through such thing of unforgiveness which was bringing me lots questions. ‘How can I forgive the person who hurt me for so long?’

But when continued hearing the teachings from Dr. Cyndy about Sulha it brought me closer to forgiveness and I asked the holy spirit to do this work in my life. In further reading the course and scriptures (about sulha and forgiveness) I found it sweet and lovely to feel my life like I have never felt before.

I became free after understanding that we forgive not to set other people free who did you wrong, to but we forgive to set self free from the harm done against us. My life is different and I really got the joy and tears to my eyes how this is happening to my life!” Moses

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