A Current Need at CCIM

We are near to completing the writing of our CCIM College Course and are in need of someone who would feel called to assist us with creating an index of the work.

The course is eleven months of content, a total of about 550 pages and just under 300,000 words. It is a big volume and we realize that an index would be of great service to all who will use this material in the future.

This job requires someone who:

  • Is very good at reading, quick and yet able to spot detail
  • Has an organized and systematic mind, able to recognize consistent themes throughout the course and note them
  • Exhibits a heart of service and understands the bigger picture of this work
  • Is able to follow through to completion on a big job
  • Can commit to this work over the course of three months time

To express interest in this role, to ask questions, to find out more, CONTACT US


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