P1080807 compressedAnticipation

I’m sitting at my table with the sun shining through the windows, splashing across my back and along the floor.

The smell of it is sweet, and it makes me think of summer and spring just around the corner.

Even though it is freezing cold outside!


My daughter is expecting a baby. Still 9 weeks away and yet we all know those weeks will fly past.

Busy crocheting blanket and booties, making piles of baby things, decorating his room, we are all getting ready.

We are waiting for you Dorian!


I’m heading back to Uganda in less than three weeks.

A myriad of little details must be done. This and that gathered: I’m remembering sun-screen this time!

Emails and messaging, texts and calls all to the folks there; we are all gearing up. Getting ready. Preparing hearts and minds and spirits, peoples and communities.


A Renewal Weekend coming up. Four short days away.

Women are preparing, we are food shopping, ensuring the menu is set. Finalizing the group sessions, setting the stage for deep internal shifts by which none of us are ever the same.

… and the Purdy’s are bought!


Such a sweet, sweet thing is anticipation.

Though my kitchen is a mess, though my kids like to fight each other, though there are a million things that could go wrong, anticipation harnesses our most joyful expectations and bathes our days in gladness.

It’s much like the sunshine that graces my neck of the woods this day.

Anticipation is half the fun, maybe even more!


What are you anticipating?

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