P1330927 compressedToday has gone nothing as planned. Have you ever had days like that? Where no matter what you try it goes sour, where tasks that are ordinarily simple turn into vast quagmires of complication and delay?

Today is one of those days for me.

Uppermost in my mind, is how we deal with such days.

And I have a few tips (with tongue planted firmly in cheek) that I am eager to pass your way.

(get out your pen and paper, you will want to take notes!)

First and foremost: stress out

Throw a few things, yell at whomever is closest, wind yourself up and generally make sure that everyone knows you are having a BAD DAY.

Next: forget to eat

Make sure that your blood sugar goes real, real low. This way you can make a claim to hypoglycemia and maintain your innocence and victimization in the midst of having such a BAD DAY.

Then: make things up

Yes, you heard right. Make things up. Everything can be made to have a good end if we just tweak reality a bit. Enter in a bit of denial, add a dash of balderdash, mix in a good dose of imagination gone bad and wow! what a great day is becoming of your very BAD DAY.

Boy do I ever feel better!

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