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You may know that at Capturing Courage International Ministries we have a one-year course for pastors and lay-leaders. It is an intensive discipleship journey with challenges and encouragements at every turn.

We have made it available to the body of Christ around the world free of charge. There is no course fee; the only barriers are that it is in English and that each person would need to print it out for themselves.

BUT, we are beginning a new way to receive it to your email!

Beginning Monday June 4, 2018, we will be posting one chapter per week. This may be the way you can get through the course if it is something you have been looking at and interested in.

If so, and for those of you finding this post by a link from Facebook or twitter, somewhere on this page (depending if you are looking at this on your computer or phone) you will find a button or space in which you can put your email address and click ‘Yes, Count Me In!’. If you do this then you will receive a new chapter of College of Capturing Courage International Ministries at the beginning of each week.

Blessings and thanks for joining us. May this course do you well.

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13 thoughts on “CCIM College Weekly

      • Great! Have been praying for you and your good ministry work please do pray for the same. Blessings to you

      • Thanks so much for your prayers Pastor Abraham. Everything we do goes forward not the prayers of so many people around the world. If you want to receive these CCIM Chapters Weekly as they are posted, input your email into the space provided and click “Yes, Count Me In” button. I cannot sign you up for it. Blessings!

    • Eva, did you sign up to receive it? By inputting your email address in the space above (if you are on a computer) and then clicking the “Yes, Count Me In” button

  1. Thanks, Cyndy, I’d love to try this. The Lord is doing so many great works that it’s hard to keep up with Him. I heard on Christian news that five nations in the Congo who have been constantly warring have signed a peace agreement to unify in a common effort to get the Scriptures printed in their language . The Lord is so good. He knew just what I needed for encouragement. Thanks for all you do, Cyndy. I’ll try to stay in touch on occasion too

  2. This is ow very nice to send one chapter every week on money, as I have thought of it then I found that I will be printing for easy translation at my home Base.

    For it will be easy to follow chapter by chapter in my translation per week.

    So am so much interested in the receiving of the weekly chapter.

    I had even going to do it by myself printing one chapter by one following there order, because I new it will help me to have small roll at hand translated and finished at once.

    • Franco, to get each week’s post to your email, find the box where it says to put your email address and then click the button, “Yes, I want it” or something like that!

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