P1300777 compressedI’ve many things coming together all at once; like a threshold that has been crossed, when a vast room opens up before one, with options stacked upon each other.

Thankfully I learned years back the power of constraint and of deliberate limitations.

Some years ago now I was hit by a car. My knees and the car’s bumper were the initial point of contact, and as I flipped and rolled onto and then off of the hood of the car, many things would change after that.

That accident, while breaking no bones, created enough soft-tissue damage to dramatically alter my life. All of a sudden I could not stand for more than 10 minutes at a time, could not sit in a chair for more than 45 minutes at at time and walked oh so slowly for some months.

I look back, and am so grateful and thankful for that accident. For it created limitations that would prune my life, creating a catalyst of growth just and only where the growth should be.

When our lives are thrown into the air, like a fruit-basket upset, we don’t know what will land.

Often, up till that point, we would say that everything in the basket is absolutely necessary. But I’ve found this is not true.

There are many things in our baskets, that need not be there. That if they were not there in fact, we would be stronger for. Things that if removed, would actually harness our energies and lives in a different and better way.

But in the midst of a full basket, we can’t see it, are afraid of it, and until some event pries our fingers loose from the clasps around all that is not… we just keep hanging on.

I wonder what would happen if we stopped hanging on.

If the fruit-basket of your life were tossed into the air, how might you feel about that.

And what, in the secret intuitive place in your inner core, do you know wouldn’t come back to you. What part of your life, wouldn’t last the upset.

I am pretty convinced that those things that won’t last the upset, are the false things, the weak parts of our lives, the ineffective places, the black holes sucking all our energy.

So, why do we hold onto them so tightly?

I guess we are afraid. Not able to see farther than our little pinky, we are terrified.

And into that space we gather all the control we can muster, with all the manipulations of life and limb that we can manage.

Like small children hiding in dark closets clinging to dusty teddy bears.

I’ve been there, done that. For years and years in fact.

Thank-You God for fruit-basket upsets, for car accidents, for health issues, for relationships that die, for business ideas that fail, and for ideas that just don’t come together; for goals pruned down, for years spent in personal growth and healing, for the focus of our lives narrowing in, for the power of limitation and constraint.

There is incredible strength once we’ve had our lives tossed to the wind. For what lands, what comes back to us, is the solid, the tangible, the real, the rest is just chaff blown away.

And once we’ve got the solid, the tangible, and the real… those are the things we can do something with.

Lives aren’t made out of chaff. Let it go.

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