Crunch, Crunch, Crunch

One Step at a TimeClarity comes in bits and pieces. It is step by step we come to know the path.

At Capturing Courage we have been walking step by step down this our path. It hasn’t always been easy.

Looking back, what stands out most of all is the fact that the most trying times have been the most clarifying times.

While full of emotion, riddled through with frustration, trouble to the point of weary, these exact moments are when we’ve most known what we are and are not to be about.

And while I’ve never been a big one for conflict I’ve come to appreciate the value in it. The crazy hair-pulling moments have in fact lent us much wisdom. Much, much wisdom!

The thing about paths is that there are the missteps every side of every step on that path. Like driving a car we must constantly be making adjustments. A little to the right, a little to the left. It is the only way.

But in the midst of life and ministry and business the steps too far to the right or left feel like failures.

And yet, are they?

My family has a house on one of the gulf islands here in British Columbia. A couple of years ago, in the middle of winter when the sun sets early, I had taken the ferry over and was walking to the house.

It is very dark on Mayne in the winter. There are no street lights, and unless the moon is out you cannot see your hand in front of your face.

But I took it as a challenge to walk and it was quite a bit of fun I must say. I found my way quite successfully all the way, simply by the feel of the road under my feet.

Paved and with a gravel edge riddled by grasses, I could tell where I was depending on if there was smooth pavement under my feet or whether I was crunching through rocks.

Obviously I hit the rocks as much as the pavement. In fact, the rocks at the side kept me from wandering into the middle of the road. They helped keep me on track just as much as anything.

And isn’t this the way with life.

The crunchy parts keep us on track. They tell us step by step, ‘Move a little to the left, move a little to the right.’

Without the trouble, without the frustrations, without the difficulties we would carry on our merry way and most likely end up somewhere we never wanted or intended to be.

Long story short – don’t mind the crunchiness of life. Get used to it. In fact, make use of it.

Paths are meant for one step at a time. Forward-Ho


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