Crux of the Matter

Life and LegacyAt Capturing Courage we have been grappling with sorrow these last few days. Some sad things have taken place and we’ve simply found ourselves before the Lord – disillusioned, sad, questioning, in shock.

Concurrent to this I’ve been working on Workbook 3 of our Walking in Spiritual Authority course. Now spiritual authority is all about waging war of sorts. It’s about standing firmly against what should not be happening, and yet, and YET the real fight… is a fight for life.

Sorrow, I find, brings me right back to the crux of what we are about. Who are we in the world? What are we to be about? How might we engage and advocate?

While it takes a certain kind of strength to reconcile death, it takes a completely different kind of strength to fight for life.

At CCI we are engaging the fight for life.

Spiritual authority played out correctly brings about more life, greater strength, deeper affirmations. Just to name a few.

It’s not about keeping others low, its not about micromanaging lives, its not about any kind of say or permission.

It’s all about expanding our opportunities together, its all about engaging that risks to give our lives away, its all about lifting everyone around us to that next level.

We agree with what the enemy is saying about us (and others) or we agree with what God is saying about us (and others), simple as that. This is spiritual authority either gone bad or done right.

The choice is up to each one of us. Where we agree with the enemy we end up with death. Where we agree with the Lord we end up with life.

You and I declare the second witness.

What are you agreeing to?


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