Beauty in DetailHow far can we go?

It has become most evident over the years that we can only go as far as our hearts can go.

While our minds think they have dominion over our beings, it is really our hearts that determine the extent of our movements and manner of life.

We only go so far as our hearts will take us.

It is NOT the government, or your teachers, your boss, or your parents or your spouse, your pastors or your local leaders, it is NOT the circumstances of your life, the size of your house, the income level that you earn, the kids or family that you have, nor is it your past, present or future that determines your life.

It is your heart.

Pure and simple and horrible as that.

Now, our hearts are multi-faceted organisms which are influenced by many things and a profound dynamic is the attitudes of our hearts coupled with the law of sowing and reaping.

First off, the law of sowing and reaping is a given and is inviolable. There is no way around it, no discounting it, no wishing it away.

It is a fact of life that what we put out we get back; that what we plant we harvest.

The equation is this:

Law of Sowing & Reaping + Hearts Attitudes = Your Life

The attitudes of our hearts are basically the lenses by which we see life. And the lenses can be clean or dirty, smudged or clear, colored or transparent. But not both at the same time.

And the state of our lenses can be determined by the words we speak, by our body language, and by the decisions we make as we go through life.

The law of sowing and reaping takes all of who we are (what we do is only 1/4 of that) and multiplies it.

We may be doing the right things. But if we are filled with bitterness or judgment or envy or despair or fearful responses or  (fill in the blank yourself), that is what is multiplied.

Actions always outweigh words. And Words always outweigh intent. And Intent always outweighs action.

And pretty soon there are patterns of a life set well into place.

It is the intent of our hearts that are multiplied.

What are the intents of your heart?

If for instance you were to die (and become more alive than you have ever been) and were then to forever more reap the intents of your heart back on yourself thousands-fold forever and ever, how does that sound to you?

How are the intents of your heart looking now?

It is no secret that to find truth in anything we exaggerate it. Story tellers do this, movies do this, plays do this, and I do this time and again.

“If we take this line of thinking to its most possible farthest extreme what do we get? What do we find? What is the fruit?”

It is sort of like microscopes that can see farther and farther into the detail of creation, revealing what is really there and by whom it is by.

When we do this in nature, we find fractals. Beautiful and intricately designed characteristics of the maker of this universe. Exaggerate what God has made and we find stunning beauty and detail. Pattern upon pattern that just gets more beautiful the farther we take it.

And then we have our lives. That exaggerated and over time become more ugly and more pinched and more narrow and more fearful; more bitter, more negative, more (you add in your own) as time goes by.

It is because of our hearts.

We decay and die and degenerate in the natural course of life.

Our hearts take a beating, we add judgment to our observations, and we begin to reap what we sow.

It doesn’t matter if what we are doing is right or good or worthy. We in our hearts are not.

And it is our hearts that ultimately lead us to life, or away from it.

Exaggerate your heart and what do you get?

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