Leadership Lesson One – TRUST

The first leadership lesson that I give is this:

LESSON ONE – Leadership is about Trust – 1 Corinthians 4:2

When we first come into leadership we may think it is about:

  • Status
  • Power
  • Position
  • Authority

But these things are the lowest forms of leadership.

A true leader does not worry about status because status is about self, and a leader is for others. Matthew 23:12

A true leader does not worry about power because s/he knows that the Lord is our power. Deuteronomy 31:6

A true leader is not concerned about position because s/he knows that true leadership can be lived regardless of position. Luke 6:31

And finally a true leader does not focus on authority because s/he knows that the only authority we have is determined by our service. Philippians 2:3-8

QUESTIONS – This is what we ask ourselves:

  • Can people trust me?
  • Do I keep my word?
  • Do I do what I say?
  • Where do I break trust?

This is the cornerstone of leadership – TRUST.

Because the foundation of all leadership is trust with those we serve, it is good to do some study of ourselves in this matter.

APPLICATION ASSIGNMENT – Here is what I want you to do with this:

  1. Think about the past six months, are there any times when you did not keep your word or have broken trust with someone.
  2. Ask the Holy Spirit, “God, please tell me the times I did not do what I said or broke trust in any way?”
  3. As the Lord reveals these times to you, write them down.
  4. Then, go to the person/s that was hurt by you breaking your word and apologize.

MAKING IT RIGHT – An apology is like this, go to the offended person/s and share:

“You know that time when I broke trust by (fill this in with your exact incident),? Well, the Lord has been talking to me about this and I realize how wrong that was of me, and I just want to tell you that I am sorry. I apologize for the trouble this may have caused you. I am also commit to working towards never doing something like that again. I want to be the kind of person, the kind of leader, that you can trust.”

Keep in mind that you are not looking for that person to be able to trust you again right away. Trust takes time to establish. You are also not needing to feel better about the event/s. In fact, allowing the grief of the Lord to settle through you in genuine sorrow is one of the best things a leader can do.

Leaders are called to high tasks and responsibilities and they are to be always growing themselves. This lesson and exercise today is one way to grow as a leader.


I want to hear how the Lord used this lesson in your life, before we go on to lesson #2.

Write me and tell me the Lord’s conviction upon you and of your apologies to others.

Many blessings over you, I have you in my prayers as always, much love in Christ,

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