No Camera

P1260942 cropped and compressedThe most profound moments of my trip to Uganda in November of 2011, are not caught by camera.

There is no record of taking medicines to the elderly. No snap-shots of squatting alongside the beautiful old folk on their mats, grasping their hands in mine, and often the other way around.

No photo of looking deeply into their eyes, and even though I could not understand their language, understanding the various emotions and beauty and strength that flashed across their faces and through their eyes.

To one elderly lady, wrinkled and yet with this stunning presence I said, “You are beautiful.” To which she replied with deep wisdom, “I know.”

Moments that can never be taken away from me.

I need no pictures to keep these memories.

Dance is stunning in Africa, and was one of the favorite things. One crusade evening, as the music stayed on and on and then some more, I found myself alongside an older lady.

The rhythm of our dance grew in sync and though I could not speak her language and she could not speak mine, our bodies spoke “I am enjoying your presence” as we moved in time to each other and the music. To the youngsters who drew near and moved along with us; all simply magical.

I wouldn’t spoil moments like that with a photo!

Moments that will stay in my heart forever.

To the men who drove me around, by bike and by car, who went to the markets with me, who traveled with me, toured the source of the Nile with me, ate with me and I with them, who prayed with me, I for them and they for me, who preached alongside me, who interpreted my heart and words, who shared their personal stories and spoke of God’s faithfulness, who collaborated towards future things we might accomplish together…

No camera can capture such richness.

The children who dared to love on me, who shyly shook my hand, and delighted me with their smiles and exuberance. My hosts ladies, two beautiful women and their homes, where I was welcomed, embraced, cared for, spoiled, loved on and cried with when I left.

To the women who quickly became friends; hardworking, passionate about health and education, their families and the movements of God.

There is no way to record such strength and beauty, transparency and authenticity.

I simply soaked it in and gave thanks.

It is the magic of Africa

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