Sabbath Rest

the Glory of GodSundays are a day for pausing, for reflecting and for worship.

It’s a day where we live out our inner convictions of whose we are in this world.

Of how the universe works,

And our part in it.

In a world where the work never ends, it is imperative that we take a day to stand back from the work, and to give thanks.

Not that we don’t worship or give thanks on any other day of the week, there is something powerful when we put action to our gratitude in the form of pause.

Work hard, play hard, rest hard

And worship.

For many, resting is hard work,

And worship is foreign,

But these are the power of constraint in full force.

Taking a day to pause, to consider, to rest our bodies and our minds, gives greater force to the rest of our week. Pausing to gather strength and reapportion passion, and we are well set to take on our days throughout the week.

Resting is all about changing it up a bit. It doesn’t matter if you live in the city and resting is getting to the country, or if you live in the country and resting is getting to the city – rest is about shifting the pace and depth of life, if even for just one day.

Worship is all about gratitude and giving thanks to the one who has given it all. For no matter our circumstances we can all find things to be deeply thankful for, and to bring those thanks in intimacy to God.

Sabbaths are especially made for this.

Rather than some old-worn relic of a habit, Sabbaths ground us, and they release us. Gathered into your Sabbaths are the memory of your days, the knowledge of your purpose, and the voice of your life.

Sabbaths give room for these and give voice for these.

Without a Sabbath, we are increasingly isolated, both from ourselves and from the one who fashioned us and gave us breath.

“For whoever has entered God’s rest has also rested from his works as God did from his” Hebrews 4:10

Invest in your Sabbath, mark it in some way, acknowledge it, create a habit of rest and refreshment in it (whatever that might be for you), and be prepared for your life to settle into place, like a home on its sure foundations, strong, tall, proud.

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