Sally is My Friend…

P1080807 compressed“Sally is my friend.

You wouldn’t believe how amazing Sally is.

Last week Sally was hilarious.

The week before that she was something else.

Have you met Sally?

You really should meet Sally!

Sally is wonderful.

Last year Sally did some amazing things.

Next week I’m having dinner at Sally’s house.

Wanna come?

Sally would love to meet you.

Sally’s house is so great. 

I’m sure you will like Sally’s house.

Oh wait, I’ve another story about Sally…

Then there is this one,

Oh and the day that Sally…

Did I mention that Sally is my friend?”

I don’t know about you, but I now have no interest in meeting Sally whatsoever. In fact, I just might want to run as far and as fast in the opposite direction as I can.

Imagine if this was the same conversation every time you met this person. Imagine…

And how many times do we as Christians act in this same manner about God. And have we really thought about the effects and the true impact on those in earshot.

Are we able to talk about our experiences, our emotions, our realities, our hurts and losses, pains and sadness, bringing God stories only into the mix as the grand intersection that he is.

Or are we turning people away and then basking in a false sense of persecution when they don’t want to hear it. We are the problem, but we label them the problem.

It’s not okay.

Retelling verses after verses as though we have no thought of our own, no way to express God’s goodness but through what we have memorized, is not okay.

The living active word is in the intersection where our messy beat-up lives meet the living God.

Out of this place comes testimony, not rhetoric.

Out of this place comes brokenness, not platitudes.

Out of this place comes an understanding and a grace that does not speak at others, ever.

Rather, we salt things graciously (too much salt and the food is ruined after all).

Don’t ruin the amazing works of our Lord and Savior by turning people away.

Pride of this sort won’t go over with the King of Kings.


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