070 compressedThe day has become a white one. We have snow here on the west coast of BC, something that doesn’t always happen, and when it does creates all sorts of outcries.

Ranging from ‘Yeah!’ to ‘Damned Snow!’ we become a divided people.

Now we hardly get snow here in the Vancouver area. I could probably count on both hands the number of ‘big’ snows I’ve seen during my entire lifetime here. Most of the time we don’t have any snow arriving till late January or February.

Having snow before Christmas is quite the deal!

Yet here we are, snow has taken up residence.

The gridlock early yesterday was terrible. Drivers were in exasperation as normal commutes of 15 minutes lengthened to 5X that long. Sitting for an hour in an intersection is not anyone’s idea of fun.

Today I hope we are all a little smarter.

There is nothing like snow (at least snow in a region that is not used to snow, does not have the machinery or infrastructure to remove snow, and has many who have never grown up in snow) to put a full-stop into the middle of an otherwise busy week.

My own appointments today just may be cancelled.

Schools are having snow-days. Many among us are hunkering down and staying home.

Enforced pause and rest days are some sort of hidden gem from God I’m thinking.

A gal I am coaching has decided to take the weeks around Christmas off. Her life of recent months has been one grand push alongside numerous hurdles in the road. She simply needs a rest.

I see her taking the time she needs as incredible strength. It is really hard to stop moving, hard to stop that hustle to get more work, hard to see the big picture when the little picture has us running as hamsters on a wheel.

I’ve been so proud of her for taking the break her spirit and whole being needed.

And I think snow days do the same thing for all of us.

We are given grand opportunity to simply stop. How stunning is that?

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