Success to Significance

cyndy in uganda– One Week Today –

January 8, 2013 – 6:00-9:00 pm

What are the secrets to a satisfied life?

How might we take all we know and all we have experienced and invest it deeply and well?

Are there ways to navigate significance by remaining grounded?

Am I really up for this?

 You may be asking these questions and more.
Perhaps you’ve never imagined you could take your present strengths and invest them. Maybe you aren’t sure what your strengths are.
Success to Significance is the process of leveraging our lives forward. 
All that you have walked, all that you have experienced, all you have learned are gifts to the world.
It’s not about big splashes, it’s not about grand ventures, but it is about showing up day by day and making of life exactly what you want it to be.

Join us TUESDAY, JANUARY 8TH, 2013  in Surrey BC



“Cyndy is one of the most authentic and powerful people I know. She has a way of creating a safe space for people to be themselves without judgement. Every time I’ve worked with her or interacted I’ve had the experience of coming away empowered and encouraged. She has learned how to take her life’s difficulties and experiences and use them for others’ good. She remains an example to me of how to leverage your life -no matter what happens to you. Her commitment to learning and growing inspire me to be my best and to reach further than I usually would! If you are considering working with her -do yourself a big favour and DON’T WAIT!”

George Watson, CBC, Business Coach Divisional Manager

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