What Have You Learned?

008 compressedIt is nearly a year ago that a friend said to me, “Cyndy, can you write a book about spiritual authority?”

My gut response was an immediate ‘Yes’ and within two weeks I had downloaded nearly 20,000 words from my heart and head onto paper. I quickly realized that the topic was one I had barely talked about, but had been living for well over a dozen years.

Although I had been blogging for over three years I had rarely touched on the topic of spiritual authority. It never seemed quite the time or place, and to be quite frank, I didn’t realize the wealth of knowledge and wisdom I had accumulated on the subject. Until my friend prodded me.

In the months following I continued to work at articulating and fine-tuning, writing and organizing the material, we at Capturing Courage began to realize that this was the primary job at this time: Prepare and work through, present and make ready, a course on Walking in Spiritual Authority.

What is most stunning to me as I work on this material, is the disquieting reality that all those years of my being in the fiery furnace of life, of entering into the dark pit of my own heart and soul, of coming to find God’s heart in the worst of circumstance, all of it, all those years … were the work.

I’m only now recording it all.

Not my story so much, but the story of God and the way this entire universe (and our lives) operates around the outflow of our Lord.

There is a small group taking our Walking in Spiritual Authority course this year here in the Vancouver area, and in less than two weeks our first pilot project of the re-crafted Part One – The King’s Heart will begin in Madudu, Uganda.

Thank-You to those who donated to free my time and focus to work on the re-crafting of the material for our overseas pastors. Continue to pray for me as I finish this over the next week.

Your take-away today: never discount the experiences and the lessons learned in your every day.

I thought I was just living my life (and in many ways it was a mess at the time), but it turns out that the heart of God, the wisdom found, the principles of the kingdom of God experienced, are now the basis for a work that will bless thousands of people around the world.  Who’d a thunk.

Never discount your journey – rather harness it for the encouragement and edification and building up of others.

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