Workers Needed

Pastor KakubaWhen Jesus said, “The harvest if plentiful, but the laborers are few” he wasn’t kidding.

I’ve come face to face with this again and again. The hunger just for what Capturing Courage is bringing to the table is more than we can keep up with.

I can only imagine other more larger organizations.

We need a few (actually a lot) more laborers:

  • Are you interested in standing alongside indigenous leaders around the world?
  • Can you speak from your heart?
  • Have you experienced loss and failure and disappointment?
  • Have you experienced the power of God through it all?
  • Do you know the Holy Spirit?
  • Are you interested and willing to learn and grow in Spiritual Authority?
  • Are you able to invest some of your life overseas?
  • Can you work hard?
  • Do you want to impact redemptive change all over the world?
  • Can you leave niceties behind and find yourself at home no matter where you go?
  • Are you interested in standing alongside leaders in support and strength?
  • Would you be willing to make lifelong friends from all over the globe?
  • Are you interested in being mentored and equipped to minister around the world?
  • Can you wait on the Lord’s explicit leading and direction?
  • Are you equally comfortable with children and leaders and men and women and the elderly?
  • Have you known your own poverty of soul?
  • Are you sensitive to the Holy Spirit?
  • Do you love leaders?
  • Do you love?
  • Do you know Jesus?

Are you willing to grow in love, to be challenged and equipped and empowered, broken down, refined, and then built back up in the power of God?

Then do we have an opportunity for you.


The invitations from Pastors and Evangelists and Bishops from various parts of the world just keep coming in.

But they are not just invitations. There is a hunger and a heartfelt eagerness for training and equipping that is both beautiful and humbling.

These Pastors are doing amazing work. Hard work. Constant work. Consistent work. They are continually stretching out beyond themselves, and leading and reaching and enveloping their countrysides for Jesus Christ.

And quite simply,  they themselves need to be strengthened.

As a leader, when I am feeling overwhelmed and out of my element, when I need a dose of encouragement and tools of strength and strategy and additional wisdom added to my leader-tool-belt I go to the nearest Chapter and buy another half dozen books to build me up.

Rural indigenous Pastors do not have this same luxury.

Their faithfulness astounds me. As I receive letter after letter, email after email coming into my inbox explaining and telling of the work they are undertaking I am simply honored to be meeting them and so blessed by their lives.

Simply put, we at Capturing Courage simply want to be faithful to them.

It is our privilege to serve them. Will you join us?

While there is always a need for funds for the work, what is really so absolutely necessary are simply more people willing to give their lives away, willing to invest themselves in something that is bigger than all of us.

While Capturing Courage’ headquarters are located in Vancouver BC Canada, if this invitation strikes a cord with you, if the Holy Spirit resonates this in your life, then we are interested in speaking with you no matter where you are located.

Take a look at our Spiritual Authority syllabus for this is the core training we are taking and what you would be required to immerse yourself in for a time.

Beyond this you would be expected to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit and keen enough to bring your own expertise and experience of our Lord to the table. Are you gifted to heal emotionally? Can you touch and bring physical healing? In your presence are others encouraged and uplifted? Are you okay with team and are you able to mutually bless and come under another’s blessing? Do you understand the challenges that leaders face?

What are your particular passion and gifts of the Spirit and how do you see them fitting in with the mandate of Capturing Courage?

Contact Me and lets begin a conversation.

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