100 Percent

P1260776 compressedI am amazed at the audacity of some. Actually, the audacity of one.

The audacity that believes oneself the gatekeeper, the manager, the owner of another’s calling or dream or vision.

This picture that I’ve now embarked upon, of preaching and praying in Africa, was given to me some 30 years ago.

The preparation time: … 30 years

And I find myself in Africa with a particular individual, whom I’ve only known for four months, believing he is the boss, the manager of this gifting, the gatekeeper so to speak.

He is making (or trying to make) the decisions, calling the shots, and somehow all of a sudden I am on HIS team. Wow, how did that happen?!

What is so astounding, is he has no clue how ignorant he is being. Not the slightest clue.

I find this absolutely shocking. An arrogance of incredible proportions, I am stunned and without words.

Except, that along the way and during the latter half of my preparation years. There were those at home who imagined themselves the same.

The same arrogance, just slightly more refined and professional, and hidden.

It is an incredible evil.

Something must be said about this kind of thing. Not because I’ve found it in Africa, but because it is symptomatic around the world.

There is always someone who supposes him or herself the ultimate boss. Setting themselves up as the gatekeeper, the one to go through, the one to approve or not.

And we, like sheep, give them the say. We turn over the authority of our lives to the arrogant and ill-informed and puffed up.

We can  always spot them. They are the ones who ask no questions. Who do not seek to understand the bigger picture of our lives. They simply dictate, from their own best knowledge.

The one at home I invited time and again to check out what I was doing. Come to hear me at this place. Send another to find out when I am hosting this or that. Find out what you want, check it out, check me out.

It NEVER happened. Not once.

But still pronouncements of doom were given. Great threats and stories of bogey-men.

Arrogance – profound arrogance.

Not a stitch of those predictions have come true, not a one.

Bottom line is this: When we give our lives over to the opinions and ‘advice’ of those who fancy themselves the gatekeepers, we participate in the undoing of our lives.

We become party to the problem.

I’ll never forget years back now, speaking to a gentleman who worked at the Dream Center in L.A. about his work feeding the homeless, and of callings of the Lord.

He said this, “Your dream is yours, the vision given to you is yours to carry. It does not belong to any other, and no one else will carry it for you.”

True, succinct, profound.

We must carry the weight and responsibility and authority of the visions and callings given to us. Or quite simply we are not worthy of stepping into that very thing.

Whatever your vision or dream or calling, that thing in the back of your mind you’ve always thought of doing,

Protect it,

Nurture it,

Invest in it,

Cooperate with it,

And never, never, ever give it away.

It is yours 100%

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