P1270042 compressedHaving come back from a lovely afternoon, I’m feeling a touch low as I write this today.

Met another group of fabulous folk, spoke a good word that the Lord had laid on my heart, prayed release of burdens, shook many hands, received warm accolades.

The same as every day.

Everywhere I go I receive, “We love you so much”

Women hugging me, running to me, children shaking my hands till I am almost buried under them, men deeply appreciative, warm handshakes all around

With a number every single day declaring, “I am changed today because of what you shared, Thank-you.”

With those who are with me, affirming and confirming all I am doing; amazed and inspired and changed themselves.

Testifying to what God is bringing through me, that we are seeing miracles of heart, mind and body.

So why am I feeling low today.

Because, as nice as validation and praise is, there is something as hollow in praise as there is in anything.

Regardless of our work, we come home at the end of the day and we are human; common, ordinary folk with ordinary problems.

Even when the work is not common, nor ordinary, we remain so,

And a vast dichotomy comes into existence.

You see, this dichotomy either drives us to our knees, or we must quit the work.

Whenever we enter into work far bigger than ourselves, we must be okay with profound humility.

That feeling of being very small.

The sense that one could be, is being, overwhelmed at any moment.

It is a vulnerable place. It is a fragile in the midst of great strength place.

And I think it is one of the reasons that we intuitively avoid great work.

Why we shy away from that which is bigger than us.

For we will find ourselves so much smaller than we ever imagined ourselves to be.

It is a misnomer (for the most part) that those in positions of great authority and power are arrogant.

My own experience is that it is the small and weak that rely on arrogance.

The government leaders, police chief leader, mayor and such that I met this trip, have been some of the most humble men I’ve met.

Men who stated, we cannot do this job on our own. We need help.

They know their frailty in the face of great responsibility. And that isn’t a place of pride, but of humility.

Coming face to face with all we are not, is one of the scariest things on earth.

And those stretching into something bigger than themselves, are the ones entering that place.

So, lets toss aside the false humility, that says we cannot do something great because “Who are we?”

That kind of thinking… is pride,

Humility on the other hand, enters into where one might be consumed and lost,

Pride protects self,

While humility gives self away.

Pride ensures we are up to the task,

While humility knows we are not,

And gets on with it anyway.

So I am simply feeling small today,

Something I’d better get used to,

As I’ve a feeling there is great work to do

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