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I am always struck by the story in Mark 14 of the woman anointing Jesus’ feet.

Now I have anointed people. Quite regularly the Spirit leads me to place my hands on someone, often a client I am working with, a Pastor overseas whom I’ve been ministering alongside, or a fellow prophet here at home, and I know the ‘work’ of anointing.

There is an authority in anointing that is unlike any other kind of work. It is a work that goes beyond simple affirmation to that place of allowing God’s power to flow through and onto another for an express purpose in the Spirit realm.

It is also a work that taxes ones being. There is always ‘power that has gone out’ to quote Jesus words (when another woman touched the hem of his robe one day).

Anointing requires an investment of self in a way, it is an opening of one’s spirit to allow the breath of God to blow through onto another, with the velocity and strength of the anointing differing from one person to another as determined by the Lord.

It’s why the story of the woman at Jesus’ feet, with her alabaster jar of expensive perfume stands me in delight and wonder at the spiritual and personal investment she made at that moment.

We think the expense was the perfume, but imagine if you will being the one compelled to anoint the son of God.

What kind of risking, what kind of surrender, what kind of eyes that could see bigger than her immediate circumstances and the norm of her day.

She was called into a holy act that would have her putting all of her own self aside, her self talk, her insecurities, her concern with what others might think, everything would have been put aside to enter into a simple yet profound act of service.

Thing is, we too are called to such humility.

We are called to the same kind of surrender.

Called into a way of being that puts our own selves aside, where we ignore our insecurities, where we say ‘shush’ to the naysayers, and where in accord with the compelling of God almighty we simply invest ourselves in profound acts of service.

To our King and one to another.

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