Capturing Courage @ Love Global

love globalWe are glad to announce that Capturing Courage is now in collaboration with Love Global.

What this means is that all donations (from within Canada) put through Love Global will receive a charitable receipt that you can claim on your taxes.

It also makes donating easier than ever. With one time gifts or as routine monthly gifts, via credit or check, your donating is streamlined.

This collaboration also partners with Love Global towards their (and our) main priority of supporting Indigenous Pastors and Missionaries around the world with fundraising support and coaching as well as story-telling tools such as cameras and computers and such.

We are simply glad and thankful for Love Global!

You can find us at Love Global HERE

Take the time to look around. Notice that you can become a Champion for us, helping to fundraise and support the work of Capturing Courage by passing on what we do to your friends and family.

Just this week we have received yet another new invitation, this time to Ghana.

We are not rushing to go anywhere, but are simply waiting on the Lord and the right timing and direction for where we are going next.

And a big part of those plans is of course the funds necessary. Your donation makes a difference.

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