Coming Out of Agreement

It is a very easy, natural even, to agree with the compromises of health and of strength within our bodies and lives. Years back I heard it said this say, “When you agree to your limitations they are surely yours.”

I recently heard the testimony of someone who had at one time realized her agreement with the chronic ill-health she was experiencing. This began of course in the mind, “Gosh, I am so physically unwell” would replay in her mind and spirit until one day she realized that she was in agreement with ill-health.

Once she realized this she made a decision to come out of agreement with ill-health, and as she began to disagree with her chronic ill-health she became healthy. To this day she does not have the compromised health she was once experiencing.

Now we know from the Bible that a matter is established by the witness of at least two people. You may have read one of our more recent God’s Heart articles where I taught about this principle of agreement. 

As a minister of the Lord Jesus Christ, as a missionary working within developing nations, it is very important that I (that any of us) are not coming into agreement with the assignments of the enemy over others.

For instance, I have seen organizations speak and broadcast how they are ‘helping the helpless’, and I wonder if they realize that in this agreement unto the ‘helplessness of the people’ that they are in fact agreeing with the enemies assignment unto them; in essence their words and agreement about helplessness is in fact a participation in their cursing.

At CCIM, for instance, we have made it very clear right from the start that we are not helping any ‘poor people’. Rather we are coming alongside colleagues around the world, bringing our strength alongside their strength. CCIM participates in a celebration of the sufficiency of God in all our lives and the reality that we are alongside each other in ways that make all of us better.

Our words are very powerful, they determine life or death. So let’s be careful in the agreements coming out of our mouths. Are we agreeing unto the assignments of the enemy in our lives or are we agreeing to the all-sufficiency of God in all of our lives.

If you are working and serving those who are at a disadvantage in some way, ensure your words are life giving and not in agreement to the curses already at work in their lives. It is as difficult as changing our perspectives and as simple as changing the way we speak about the challenges.

This stuff matters; let’s pay attention to it.


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