Walking in The Way

I recently created a diagram to illustrate the work that CCIM does compared to the more traditional and humanitarian aid work that many organizations are involved towards. First off I want to make it plain and clear that there is nothing wrong with humanitarian aid work. For many around the world it is a lifeline that speaks to the reality of God in our midst through the practical help of others. I myself have benefited from practical help through the years.

What I learned though, through my own years, is the understanding that for every bad fruit in our lives there is a bad root. Bad fruit does not just come from nowhere, there is always a legal right for that bad fruit to be there. CCIM at the roots - Version 2

What I mean is this: authority in the spirit realm works by very clear rules and principles with each one of us giving either Satan or God authority in our lives.

When we give Satan authority in our lives we enter in his death and destruction. We end up with poverty, lawlessness, chronic ill health, debt, hunger, violence, bribes, and many things that simply do not ever get any better.

When we give God authority in our lives we enter in his life and sufficiency. We end up with peace of mind, enough for our every day, hope, compassion, meaningful work, good relationships, and many things that simply continue to get better and better.

Historically speaking, it was Adam and Eve that gave over the authority of their lives and this world, and consequently our lives, to the agreements with Satan. Ever since, each of us are born with agreements, and a predisposition to agreements, with Satan set into place.

The history of the world ever since, and the work of God on our behalf, has always been about cancelling our agreements with Satan and restoring our agreements with God. Jesus Christ, of course, is the fulfilment of this.

Acting in the heart of the Father toward the freedom of all mankind Christ came to earth borne of a virgin, lived a life unto God (no agreements with Satan in the life of Christ – we call this a sinless life), died on a cross to conquer the authority of death over us once and for all, and rose again to the Father to intercede for each and every one of us; Christ continues agreeing to life in each one of our lives to this day.

On our part, we simply receive this life giving gift, this new ability to have agreements unto God and not with Satan. And then, we begin to live and to declare our agreements with God. In a nutshell, each of our lives reveals the state of agreements we have either made with Satan or with God. Having said this, it is always a work in progress. Always.

The inroads and strongholds of Satan have gone far and deep and long into our own lives and into the lives of our communities and nations. Where person after person agrees to an assignment of the enemy we end up with the fruit of the enemy, stamped down and immovable by any will-power of our own. Only the work of Jesus Christ has the authority to free us from agreements unto death and ill health, from poverty and chaos, and all manner of a host of other things.

Adam gave over our authority to Satan, the second Adam, Jesus Christ has reclaimed our authority. When we stand in the work of Jesus Christ we assume back our authority and in His name, the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we systematically and intentionally yet carefully and with the leading of the Spirit, restore what is broken and what has been lost back unto life in God; here life takes on new … life, and we are healed and transformed and our communities and nations are healed and transformed.

It is the same process whether for an individual, an organization, a community, or a nation. The one who carries the responsibility for that entity, again whether one person or many people, can stand in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and declare confession (what has gone wrong), declare repentance (acceptance of the responsibility), and can then declare renouncing (coming out of agreement with strongholds of the enemy) and can then proceed to break and cancel the assignments and curses of the enemy and thereby intentionally enter into new agreements with God and his life and healing and wholeness.

In this way the assignments of death and destruction (and all manner of everything that goes wrong out of these assignments) are swallowed up in the death and life of Jesus Christ. God has taken care of all of it. Technically speaking sin and death are no longer a problem, there has been made a way through and past and beyond sin and death, and that way can be our way once we choose to walk in Jesus Christ who is The Way.

This is what CCIM does. We lead individuals, organizations, communities, and nations, to cancel destructive agreements with Satan and to reclaim life giving agreements with God. All that is required are courageous individuals and leaders who will stand in the gap for their people, who will take on responsibility for all that has gone wrong, and who will agree with the work of Jesus Christ and the heart of the Father unto all manner of good things.

Here we find restored,

  • sufficiency – we have enough for each day
  • justice – each person has equal freedom and opportunity
  • love – every person is precious in the sight of God
  • leadership – integrity, honesty, without bribes, for the people
  • humility – strength of both giving and receiving from others
  • food – for body, mind, and soul,
  • compassion – empathy that drives action for others
  • strangers – are made friends, we go towards people
  • solutions – creative thought and innovations that grow us
  • together – we find joy in the beauty of each other
  • advocacy – we are for each other

The ways of God are profound. God in his goodness is for each and every one of us.

God does not come at us in an adversarial way, this rather, is the enemies game.

God does not condemn us, who after all, is the condemner?

God does not hold our sins against us, who might we remember has come to conquer sin and death? God himself.

God is wildly, passionately in love with you and I. God is for our nations and intimately working behind the scenes for your community. God is hungry to pour out his solutions, his wisdom, his insight into your and my life.

He is doing this on our behalf and behind the scenes all the time twenty-four seven. He also wants to do this on the front lines of your life and within your community. For this, he works with people. You and me.

Any one of us can become a conduit of God’s great love and restoration over mankind and this earth.

How might you respond to him today?

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