Emerging Movemental Influence

Some months back Alongsiders International posted this grid contrasting old style leadership and the new, emerging movemental influence. At CCIM we immediately recognized this as our very own manner of ministry as we stand alongside indigenous pastors and church leaders around the world.

In the months since, we continue to come across other ministries that are keen on exactly this way of reaching and discipling and growing our communities and nations.

And while CCIM works with church leaders who, more often than not, have been raised to minister in the old style of leadership, we are intentionally challenging and equipping pastors and churches to move into an increasingly ‘movemental’ model.

Towards this we’ve begun our own library of sorts, of those who are at the forefront of missional movements. Take a look at our new page RESOURCES FROM OTHERS, for free pdf downloads from movemental experts.

And here, as you study this grid, you will find the measure of influence on the left-hand column, the old-style leadership in the middle column, and the movemental influence in the right-hand column.

For starters, just soak this in and consider how the ministry you are with might be impacted by shifting from old-style to a movemental influence.

Emerging Movemental Influence by Alongsiders International

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  1. Excellent resource, Cyndy. Thanks for this. No need to tell you which side of the equation I’m on!shalom John

    Dr John Clements about.me/jbclements

    On Wed, Aug 20, 2014 at 4:12 PM, Capturing Courage International Ministries

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