Three of Us to Uganda

We are two and one-half weeks away from journeying to Uganda. Myself, Crystal, and Nelson will be arriving in Uganda on September 18th, and will be in the country until we begin our flights home on December 16th. 

When I go to a country and to those I will be with, I am hosted, fed and given a place to sleep, by those I’m ministering alongside, while the money that I bring into a country is for the internal travel of our on-the-ground-team (which includes the pastor/s we are travelling with once there).  

Now, with three of us going, Nelson having just decided 9 days ago, I’ve been communicating that we are now three coming and asking if this is okay on their end in terms of the hosting of us. 

I’ve been reminding them that our needs are simple. A mat on a floor, just somewhere to tuck our mosquito net, is good, that food does not need to be fancy, that where we stay does not need to be nice, just safe.  

Yet even so I’ve been concerned that three of us may be too great a burden for those there. But as I’ve been communicating and receiving their responses my heart is deeply blessed. 

Each are excited that there are three of us coming, each are assuring that yes we can keep all of you, and yes this is of God and exactly what we’ve been praying for. 

On my earlier trips it was often asked of me, “When are others coming with you?” I didn’t have an answer at those times and I just had to keep on faithfully going as the Lord directed me to go. But this time, with three of us, I can feel the profound favour of the Lord and an expectation of His movement through us in ever expanding ways and those we will be alongside are feeling this as well. 

Please keep us in your prayers. The itinerary for the three months in country is almost set. There are two weeks later in November that are not reserved with anyone quite yet, although up till then we will be to a number of schools, ministry bases, and many churches  in numerous districts and communities. Pray for stamina and for good health for each of us. 

The Lord has been leading every detail of this time in Uganda and we are resting in Him. We are eager to see all that God has planned for these months in Uganda. 

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