Feet to the Pavement

This week has been a busy one. Actually the last month has been a busy one. The things that have been accomplished in just this last month at Capturing Courage are astounding.

Through it all I am reminded of the timing of God, and the timing of our lives and how we can’t rush either one and how once ripe, time cannot be held back. We are either ready or we are not.

About half-a-dozen years back I would take a Saturday each January and head downtown to Canada Place and foray the booths and displays of Missions organizations hosted by Mission Fest here in Vancouver.

I always went by myself, for I was on a quest.

You see I had this vague inclination in the back of my mind to take Prayer Ministry to Indigenous Pastors around the world. So I was there at Missions Fest perusing to find just who was already working with Indigenous Pastors and just who I might partner with to take Prayer Ministry training.

I did this for a few years. Going round the booths at Missions Fest, meeting people, asking questions, proposing my idea to some, asking for feedback and for their perspectives.

Always on the look-out for what might be.

I’m remembering this today because while Capturing Courage International is still in many ways a fledgling organization we are also in so many ways already splitting at the seams.

I’m preparing to speak tomorrow. I’ll be presenting a buffet of pictures and stories and the heart of God through it all, and as I prepare I see with stunning clarity that the vague inclinations that drove me to peruse the aisles at Missions Fest, have come full circle.

To date Capturing Courage has been to some fifteen communities in Uganda and has been invited to another dozen communities in six other countries.

We have taken and will continue to take Biblical Training, Prayer Ministry Training, Pastoral Training and Leadership Development. What was once a vague inclination has become reality.

To top this off we have been accepted to implement Bible College material and have all teachers in place for Capturing Courage Bible College in Madudu, Uganda starting in January 2013.

It all simply fascinates me. Imagine me some years ago by myself going to Missions Fest wondering how we might participate in training indigenous Pastors around the world.

Simultaneously on the other side of the world there were those in a small village in the back-woods of Uganda praying that a Bible School might be started there.

Simultaneously a young man of that same village has a dream that someone from far away is going to come and help them.

Simultaneously there is stirring in the heart of a young man the need for Pastor Training within his own country of Uganda yes, but even more so for the need in Africa at large.

All these things, these thoughts and longings and prayers and dreams are going on concurrently and yet completely unbeknownst to each other.

Until one day, when the time is ripe. When enough prayers and heart and soul has gone into these longings and dreams on both sides, and an invitation is made and then accepted.

If nothing else I’ve learned to not ignore the vague inclinations in our hearts and souls.

We in and of ourselves have no real clue what is going on in the background. We tend to get hung up on ourselves. What might we do? How might this come about? And we use the questions as doubts and it stops right there.

But what if there is someone in another part of the world, someone who has the same heartbeat as you, someone who is longing for the same things, someone who would join hands with you in a heartbeat.

What if…

The other thing I’ve learned is to put some feet to the pavement. Just like the Israelite’s who walked around Jericho for seven days we too must put some feet to the ground.

Faithful to step out, to feel foolish, to go after a vague inclinations, just may give way to something amazing and more than you could have ever dreamed.

What are the vague inclinations in your heart and mind?

I bet they just might lead to something amazing.

Put some feet to the pavement, lets see what comes of it!


I am sharing My Story from vague inclinations to
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